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If you’ve been searching for exciting strategy without the barriers of time and limited options, then Summoners Fate is the game your phone has been missing.

Summoners Fate is a top-down adventure that combines exploration, card collecting and tactical combat. You play as the Summoner and command an ever-changing band of companions. Defeat monstrous hordes and reap the rewards of treasures, allies, and powerful spells as you advance deeper into unknown lands. Are these chance encounters or do they connect to a greater meaning? You decide.

Combat in Summoners Fate is turn-based, quick and gratifying. Hide behind trees or play a card that brings them to life. Douse your enemies in oil and ignite them with a fireball. Set a trap with a gravity spell to pull an enemy into your clutches. The possibilities are endless.

Venture into a game without limitations. Choose your characters, choose your spells, choose your strategy. Choose when and how you play. You are in control. Summoners Fate – strategy without barriers.


D20Studios, LLC in SLC, UT



Kickstarter Date

Early Spring 2017

Release Date

Early Access, Late Fall 2017


Free to Download, In-App Purchases

Top Down Adventure

Take absolute control of the battle grid from a unique bird’s-eye view. Enjoy colorful animations reminiscent of a board game brought to life.

Accessible Strategy

Jump right in with intuitive controls. Master the path to victory with limitless possibilities.

Constantly Evolving

New characters, cards, and abilities will be added every month to challenge you. So don’t get too comfortable.


  • Explore a constantly evolving world filled with dungeons, monsters and many hidden secrets
  • Build the ultimate team of adventurers, choosing characters diverse in appearance and ability
  • Battle other players on your terms with offline play support and on-demand asynchronous multiplayer
  • Collect hundreds of cards including powerful spells, heroic characters and monstrous creatures

Development Highlights