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Game Updates & News / Re: Daily Updates
« Last post by KellyD20Studios on Today at 10:09:04 am »
Sunday Squirrels!
Here's a clip showing our Druid in action. Sylvia has the power to hurl squirrels at her opponents and use Nature magic to transform them into formidable mutant creatures. She can also call upon the trees to fight for her, making short work of these poor Goblins.

Shout-out to Digital Blacksmith for conceiving this fantastic "Squirrel Deck." ;)

Game Updates & News / Re: Daily Updates
« Last post by KellyD20Studios on April 21, 2018, 11:00:29 am »
Which Faction?
Here are 4 of many different playable factions/races in Summoners Fate. Which would you choose to play and why?  ???

Celestial Steampunk Timekeeper Rats
This Celestial faction turns the "dirty rats" game trope on its head. Now, meet our civilized and top-hatted faction that specialize in time spells!

The Withered's
This Void faction consists of dried-out husks of once thriving individuals that have been afflicted by blight. While the Withered's are technically alive, their physical form and spiritual energy has been depleted to the point of exhaustion, resulting in their wrinkled appearance. They are virtually blind and are driven to their targets by an innate hunger that can detect positive energy to absorb and sustain their being.

The Vampires
Joining the Withered's as a Void race, these blue-skinned undead are blood-thirsty, angry, and equipped with ancient bejeweled swords. They are fated to roam the Summoners Fate world and seek to add to their team with yours...

The Satyrs
New! These humanoid beasts - the Satyrs* - will be a Neutral faction (we will go into more detail soon about this faction). Here we have, from left to right, our Warrior Satyr, our Archer Satyr, and our Champion Satyr. Our goat creatures are our take on the ancient Greek and Roman mythologies surrounding these wildlings.

What do you think? Which would you like to play as?

*This race was first introduced as the Exclusive Sneak Peek from our monthly newsletter. Sign up for Volume #20 coming out May 2nd here.
Game Updates & News / Re: Daily Updates
« Last post by KellyD20Studios on April 20, 2018, 12:16:41 pm »
Royalty Enters Summoners Fate
We're so excited to reveal our newest and most royal members of Summoners Fate, Emperor Cosme and Empress Camille:

We took great care in creating the look for these two important characters. As the name "Summoners Fate" implies, themes of fate vs. free will is found throughout, especially the single-player campaign. We are still writing the story, but read the origins of Emperor Cosme in our first game, Hero Mages, here.

There are many nods to these themes in their looks. For example, both of their pendants are important. Emperor Cosme's incorporates a pair of scissors, a nod to the the Fates of Greek mythology, especially Atropos, who cuts the Thread of Life. Similarly, with Empress Camille, surrounding the orange gem in the middle is the Rota Fortunae, or Wheel of Fortune, that is found throughout history, and signifies the fickle nature of fate.

Can you find other symbolism in these characters? Do you think they have good or malicious intentions in Summoners Fate?

Kickstarter Update
Kickstarter Backers! Make sure to check your inboxes as Kickstarter Update #17 went out today, and has FAQs for the Early Access backers.
Game Updates & News / Re: Daily Updates
« Last post by KellyD20Studios on April 19, 2018, 02:43:14 pm »
Character Animation
The ultimate bodyguard - meet Flesh Golem!

After our last post, we had much interest in our Flesh Golem, a carryover from our first game, Hero Mages. For those of you that don't know, the Flesh Golem is built from the remains of rotting corpses that have been diabolically stitched together. They are bound by blood to protect the life of their masters - meaning it will take all damage dealt to its master until it perishes. It also has a sweet mace  8)

Here's his card:

Ross Surgery Update
Our day today was mostly spent going to several doctors and surgeons. He's had some complications from his surgery 8 weeks ago, so hopefully we'll get those all squared away and he'll be good as new very soon. He's still working, of course, and we've had lots of great game discussions today during our much time together in the car. He's working diligently on the multi-player early access release.
Game Updates & News / Re: Daily Updates
« Last post by KellyD20Studios on April 18, 2018, 09:36:18 am »
Void Magic
Void Spells are a balance of fear and hope: fear that eternity is without meaning or purpose, forever alone in despair, and hope that within lies the potential to be something that is great and loved.

Learn more about Void Magic of Summoners Fate.

(Characters pictured: Dark Elf Assassin, Skeleton Captain, Banshee & Flesh Golem, a favorite from our first game, Hero Mages)

Game Updates & News / Re: Daily Updates
« Last post by KellyD20Studios on April 17, 2018, 08:43:47 am »
Golden Dragon

Continuing with our Dragon race, here is our elusive Golden Dragon in all its glory. This playable character is quite vicious on the battlefield.

It is not for all to behold; this character was available only on our successful Kickstarter last year.

Druid Deck
We are currently working on our Druid's deck. This deck is about summoning small forest animals, then using the power of Nature magic to mutate them into powerful beasts of battle! Here's some fun things you can do:

> Launch Squirrels at your opponent
> Transform a rabbit into a terrifying mutant-Easter-bunny
> Strap an explosive satchel charge to a tiny forest creature and send them running at your enemies

...and much more!  ;D
Characters, Spells & Art / Re: Heroic Humans
« Last post by KellyD20Studios on April 17, 2018, 08:42:09 am »
Sylvia the Druid
To our Summoner, Sylvia, the animals of Summoners Fate are sacred, their lives just as important as the humans - if not more so. She has pledged herself to be their protector and to embolden even the smallest forest critter to fight back against the selfish and evil hordes that dare destroy their land...

Game Updates & News / Re: Daily Updates
« Last post by KellyD20Studios on April 16, 2018, 04:34:34 pm »
Game Updates & News / Re: Daily Updates
« Last post by Scribe on April 16, 2018, 02:00:34 pm »
Game Updates & News / Re: Daily Updates
« Last post by KellyD20Studios on April 16, 2018, 12:58:23 pm »
Beasts of the Sky
Dragons have always been important to Ross; in fact, I'm in his office and can count 8 dragons right now that I can see between dragon art on the wall, statues, even a giant decorative fan over the desk with two dragons on it:

Fan above Ross's computer monitor

That being said, when developing Summoners Fate, we both knew we had to find a way to incorporate dragons into the game - preferably more than 1. That took some work with our art team to get the right size; after all, with our top-down perspective and square grids, we needed to find a way to convey large size while also having the dragon fit onto the board without being too cumbersome. The wings, especially, were tricky to not block all characters next to the dragon.

Once we got that figured out, we went to town creating our Dragons. As of the press of this release, we have 11 finished Summoners Fate dragons to add to your deck. Here are a few new ones:

Good-looking group

At this point we are going back-and-forth on naming the dragons after their obvious color (e.g.: Purple Dragon, Green Dragon, Blue Dragon) or after jewels, given dragons inclination towards hoarding treasure (e.g.: Amethyst Dragon, Jade Dragon, Sapphire Dragon). What are your thoughts?

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