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Title: Upcoming Changes in Next Build
Post by: RossD20Studios on January 23, 2019, 06:14:25 PM
Hello players,

In interest of keeping each other best informed of the issues discovered in the current build and the ones that will be fixed in the next build, I'm going to start maintaining a list here. This list is not definitive, but growing. I'm simply logging changes as I have them ready to introduce to the new build so that you can get a sense of where I'm at and with what is known to be coming.

Changes Coming in v0.32.1

As you can gather from the long, long list of changes below, this is a massive update. What I've done here is attempt to resolve as many of the known bugs and player feedback as possible so that I've got a clean slate from which to build out the single player experience. The changes listed below are player-facing changes. However, this update also includes a major back-end change to how the game content logic is defined and stored. Thus, everything in the game should be looked at closely with fresh eyes as there may be differences in how the new logic resolves. Please, please help me by reporting any bugs or otherwise unusual behavior that you discover. The best way to do this is to submit a bug report from directly within the game immediately after the observed behavior. If a bug window is not automatically triggered, you can manually pull up the window by clicking on settings (the gear icon) and then selecting "Submit Bug Report". This is also a great place to share feedback/balance/suggestions etc. as this automatically sends the information to my backlog, allowing me to track it and ensure it gets addressed in the future.

New Cards Available
Performance and Multiplayer
AI Fixes
Balance Changes
Combo/Counter Attack System Changes:
In large thanks to player feedback from folks like t_lark and vgsmart, we’ve come to understand how our combo system is exploitable in a way that other players may perceive as unfair. In the original system, it’s possible to use a combination of 2 or more knock back units to create  “ping-pong” effect where the damage dealt within the group is multiplied by a factor of 2, quickly ending the game when the victim is the opposing summoner. By combining gravity effects with the ping-pong, the combo is easily achieved with little recourse for the player to counter it. Here’s how we’ve changed the combo system to remove this exploit while managing to keep combos in the game in a strategically meaningful way:

Neutral Status Effects:
This build introduces a new type of status effect "Neutral" that is neither a buff nor a debuff. This status type is now used for Cannot Block and Attacks Used so that Clerics can no longer remove these types of effects from a unit. Additionally, the concept of "relative debuff" (where an opponent cast spell would show as a debuff relative to that opponent) has been removed. This proven too confusing to players and the game engine. Now, status effects will simply be explicitly defined as buff, debuff or neutral.

Ranged Attack Rule Changes:
Ranged abilities have been consolidated to two types: Farshot and Sprintshot.

Equipment System Changes:
As players have expressed a lot of passion for equipment and the ability to customize their heroes (particularly in the single player experience), I have revamped our equipment system as follows:

Gameplay Fixes

Added Rules for Exploring Dungeons: