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Title: Development Strategy and Ranking of New Feature Requests
Post by: Scribe on January 14, 2018, 04:43:26 AM
Hello all,

I've been thinking about how to prioritize new feature requests, and how to expand Ross' development roadmap into the post-worldwide-launch era. In order to determine priority I will stick to the value the feature brings, mostly because I cannot assess the programmation cost. I'm sure Ross will jump in if a given request entails too much work.
Anyway, to determine value for each feature you have to make judgements, and hopefully consistent ones. This is how I got into thinking about development strategy, so as to provide an overarching scale with which to consistently measure value.
This is what I'll be describing in this long post below, so that this community (and of course Ross and Kelly) can weigh in and reach some alignment. Please reply with your comments!

Let's first align on a common terminology. Ross, let me know if these conflict with any of your own documentation, and I will edit this post to not confuse anybody with differing terms.
Game content: characters, spells, environments, missions, classes, etc.
Title: Re: Development Strategy and Ranking of New Feature Requests
Post by: RossD20Studios on January 15, 2018, 08:47:56 PM
Thanks for the very thorough and excellent write up here, Scribe. I'm happy to support any feature request ideas by illuminating more on where they might fall into category-wise and what development time/cost might be. I imagine we'll start picking up with more discussion once the game is live, but in the meantime, it would certainly help to get a general sense of popularity with various features by having different members respond and +1 ideas. Generally, when there's a lot of activity on a subject (or if its just a really good idea that fits with existing priority guidelines) that will help move it up.