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Share Your Ideas / Desync Mode Wishlist
« on: November 29, 2017, 11:18:46 AM »
For the desync mode I would like to see a section of the app where I can go and select a player created deck to play against.
I envision something like But simpler and dynamic.
Win/loss ratios will be kept for each deck listed. If a card is changed in a deck, the win/loss resets.
I would open to see a list of currently available decks. I could sort by deck name, player name, win/loss ratio, player rating.
I would then select a deck to play against and either a deck list would pop up so I can see what I am up against, or the game would just start and I would have to learn through trial and error.
Bonus features:
    Changelog with win/loss for each change. Maybe in the form of a graph vs time.
    Replay mode so you can watch other people play against your deck.
    Replay mode so you can watch replays of people playing against other decks.


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