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Events / Re: Develop with Ross - Episode 8 New Summoners
« on: February 27, 2019, 03:03:23 PM »
Thanks so much for attending the stream!

Together, we completed 6 new Summoners and successfully added them to the game with an OTA DLC update:
  • Clik'Clik, Impaler
  • Sibylla, Conjurer
  • Rugged Mage
  • D'Orc Slayer, Orc Chief
  • Serpenta Deceiver
  • Kailyn, Valkyrie Mage



I've updated the card images to reflect the player-suggested changes that I incorporated:
  • D'Orc Slayer's power of 5, reduced to 4, but we gave him the ability to summon a goblin whenever he attacks.
  • We removed Kailyn's gain 1 mana on attack in favor of making her completely disarm her enemy so that they can not attack until end of next turn.

We discussed some possibilities for Dark Elf Sorcerer. Here are some of the notes from my design backlog we can discuss further next time:
  • When you cast a Void or Arcane spell, enemy units get -1/-0 and ally units get +1/+0 until end of turn.
  • Summon Spiders when injured or after attacking
  • Could have some abilities that allow merging of spiders and dark elves to create mutations
  • Support: Sacrifice a spider to gain 1 mana.

Here are possible Warlock abilities:
  • When Chaos spell is cast, gain +1/+1
  • When Chaos spell is cast, Dreadnoughts get +1/+1 until end of turn.
  • Gain 1 mana when attacking (from Kaiyln's previous possible ability)

Here are possible Botanical Sage abilities:
  • Ally plants get +0/+3
  • Support: Summon Brambles next to an ally.
  • Inflict Poison

Game Updates & News / Re: Daily Updates
« on: February 26, 2019, 06:08:49 PM »
New Build, Lots 'O Changes and New Summoners on the Docket for Tomorrows Develop with Ross

Hi everyone!

Big update today: Build v0.30.1 is now live on all platforms! In this build, I focused on addressing all of the player feedback we've received so far during our prerelease including numerous bug fixes, balance changes and added some new cards. For the full details, click here to read the release notes.

Second big update: On tomorrow's episode of Develop with Ross, I'll be making new Summoners - our signature character types that represent the foundation for your creative deck building. These are among the hardest characters to design for that reason. I've got my current concept ideas posted here for you to check out here and I'm looking forward to you joining me on the stream to collaborate on the designs and get them implemented. Added bonus: I aim to deliver these to the game during the stream in what I hope will be our first successful OTA update and maybe play a game or two with you to test them out.

Third thing: Peter and I will be showcasing Summoners Fate at UDEN#21. If you're local in Utah, join us 6PM at Game Tyrant in North Salt Lake. Details here.

Events / Develop with Ross - Episode 8 New Summoners
« on: February 26, 2019, 05:50:43 PM »
Develop with Ross - Episode 8: New Summoners

Hope you guys are as excited as I am for my development stream on Wednesday February 27th (9AM-11:30AM MT) on our Twitch channel. In this episode, I'll be implementing new Summoners and attempting to deliver them to you during the stream in what I hope will become our first successful OTA update.

Summoners are the hardest characters to design because they are your main character, and their core abilities (including what spell colors they can use) will be the foundation for your creative deck building. Possible powers have been simmering in my mind for some time and I've presented my most recent ideas here. My hope is to get your feedback during the stream, tune them appropriate and maybe get some inspiration for some of the characters still lacking designs.






Game Updates & News / Release Notes v0.30.1
« on: February 26, 2019, 12:44:44 PM »
    Release Notes
    Latest Release: v0.31.6
    Date Released: 3/27/2019

    Hello players,

    Thanks so much for continuing to provide valuable feedback in our Discord, Forums and in-game bug reporting tool. I've done my best to address the majority of your feedback in this release so that you can enjoy a stable and balanced build while I push forward to develop our ever-changing single player adventure for future release. Below are detailed release notes on all of the changes made in this build as well as past build releases.

    Changes in v0.31.6
    Released: March 27, 2019
    New Cards Available
    • Orc Shaman
    • Mummy's Curse
    Game Changes
    • Changed Off Sides so it can no longer target Summoners. This was making it too easy to create game-ending combos that players impossible to defend against. The spell can however target ANY minion (not just visible) so it works more similar to Teleport.
    • Changed Skeleton Hound's starting stats from 2/3 to 1/1
    • Increased Soul Harvester's life from 5 -> 6
    • Fixed bug where removing debuffs on a unit would also restore their command action for that turn.

    Changes in v0.31.5
    Released: March 20, 2019
    • Fixed bug where attacking with Red Imp would prevent casting of spells.
    • Fixed the range of Lightning Elementals attack to 3 spaces.

    Changes in v0.31.4
    Released: March 20, 2019
    New Cards Available
    • Dragon Hatcher
    • Dragon Whelp
    • Shadow
    • Preserver
    • Death Blossoms
    • Prison of Brambles
    Game Changes
    • Increased cost of Swarm from 3 -> 4
    • Decreased cost of Your Soul is Mine from 4 -> 3
    • Increased Life of Scorpion from 4 -> 6
    • Changed Spore pod from Damage 1, Poison 1 to Poison (2). This means spore pods will no longer cascade explode each other.
    • Buffed Maltross (he needed it)

    Changes in v0.31.3
    Released: March 13, 2019
    New Cards Available
    • Dark Elf Sorcerer
    • Your Soul is Mine
    • Antarus, Battle Mage
    • Celestial Barrier
    Game Changes
    • Changed Cleansing Fire and Rust spells so that they can target any unit (instead of visible) so that they can be used to reveal Stealth.
    • Make it so card ALWAYS reveal on end turn. This fixed bug where players could reveal Wizard cards on opponent turn, breaking multiplayer matches.
    • Make it so that Necromancer cannot attack placables to summon skeletons.
    • Balanced starting spawn location on multiplayer maps to mitigate unfair first turn advantages such as dropping a taunt unit in the pocket of opponents entire team.
    • Added additional power to Rugged Mage allowing him to deal damage equal to his power when using his Farshot ability.
    • When Transfer consciousness is used on Red Imp, the player loses summoner. We need to make it so that isHero status transfers with red imp swap. Also fixed weird animation with Red Imp swap ability.

    Changes in v0.31.2
    Released: March 6, 2019
    New Cards Available
    • Priestess
    • Reinmund, Wizard
    Balance Changes
    • Added Vigil ability to Kailyn
    • Switft Strike now only triggers when adjacent unit attacks (so that it's not wasted when units out of range attack).
    • Changing the starting spawn locations of several maps to provide a minimum safe distance from first turn grappling.
    • Offsides spell now requires line of sight.
    • Psychic Blast can now target enemy summoners for damage.
    • Reduced the range of Grapple spell to 3 to.

    Changes in v0.31.1
    Released: February 27, 2019
    New Cards Available
    • Clik'Clik, Impaler
    • Sibylla, Conjurer
    • Rugged Mage
    • D'Orc Slayer, Orc Chief
    • Serpenta Deceiver
    • Kailyn, Valkyrie Mage

    Also added back the "Combo!" SFX/VFX that was missing with v0.30.1 update. See below for major change list.

    Changes in v0.30.1
    Released: February 26, 2019

    New Cards Available
    • Marauder Metalist
    • Chimera
    • Demolish
    • Skeleton Hound
    • Swift Strike
    • Vigilant
    • Weaken
    • Lightning Elemental
    • Poison Blade
    • Orc Battlehorn
    • Plague
    • Orc Huntress
    • Revealing Light
    AI Fixes
    • Fixed bug where AI turn would freeze and generate the timeout error when it tried to move and cast a spell next to a taunt unit. (#502)
    • Fixed bug where AI would generate a timeout error on the first tutorial mission on older iOS devices. This was due to card rasterization consuming all the resources in backworker. I added timed breaks between card rasterization so that the AI can take priority of the backworker resources. (#520)
    • Fixed bug where selecting a unit card while AI is processing their turn and defeats the player would result in the game becoming locked in the paused state. (#523)
    Balance Changes
    • After triggering a combo attack, units may not move/attack/use support ability for remainder of turn. This change was made to reduce chances of a first-turn victory where opponent is unable to react.
    • Backstab abilities will no longer trigger from combo attacks, you must explicitly order the unit to backstab.
    • Freeze now removes Stealth.
    • Mana Burn - Increased the damage dealt to caster from 6 -> 8. This spell is incredibly powerful for the advantage it offers, so I think it warrants a greater risk being used.
    • Changed how Arch-Mage's draw card ability works to address player concern regarding the "scry" ability that can be exploited using the undo feature. Now, when he draws cards, they are drawn face down. While cards are face down, Arch Mage can undo his previous action like normal. But, once you click on the card to reveal it, the "cannot undo" (replay only) action is activated and you can no longer undo past that point. Cards will also reveal automatically when the turn ends and the discount wears off.
    • Taunt units no longer pin enemies if they cannot attack or cannot be attacked. This means you can now freeze a taunt unit to escape its pin. Players will see the taunt VFX remove when Taunt is inactive for that unit under these conditions.
    • Increased the damage of Blizzard and Ice Shards form 2 -> 3.
    • Changed Disintegrate from Deal 10 Fire damage to -> Deal 10 Fire damage with Pierce to target enemy and prevent Downfall.
    • Spike blocks now trigger Collide when pushed to surrounding space rather than just adjacent (so spear knockbacks from an angle impact can trigger damage).
    • Changed Animal Overrun from +2/+2 and Lunge until start of next turn to “end of turn”. The spell is intended as offensive, not defensive, and with the prior version change to eliminated buffs not reducing life, this spell was gaining too much defensive capability.
    • Changed Animal Growth from mutating only rodents to "Give ally animal +3/+3. If its small, mutate it." The following animals are now considered small: Squirrel, Killer Bunny, Snake, Fennec Fox and Red Starling. Yes, this means you can now create snake mutants (among others).
    • Changed Breed! from creating copies of only rodents to "Copy all small animals." to provide even more creative possibilities for synergies with animals.
    Gameplay Fixes
    • Fixed bug where casting Dark Temptation on an already armored unit would result in their armor being removed and the new armor not showing visually on character.
    • Added support for OTA DLC content updates. This will allow Ross to distribute new cards during his weekly Twitch development stream.
    • Rust will no longer target characters with surprises nor remove surprises
    • Fixed bug where Cleanse could not be cast even when status effects are on the board. Also, Cleanse will no longer reveal locations of status effects being removed. Previously, the targeting of Cleanse would reveal locations of all targets with status effects which would allow player to determine location of hidden surprises.
    • Fixed bug where equipping a unit with an identical instance of a weapon (ex: a second Orc Warhammer) would result in its effects being stacked rather than replaced.
    • Fixed bug where Cleric could remove the armor granted by Dark Temptation.
    • Fixed bug where a unit would be assigned incorrect team, making it so you could target your own ally for attacks if they had Dark Temptation on them removed before it's control effect took place.
    • Fixed bug where Fennic fox could attack a diagonal enemy after swapping with an ally.
    • Fixed Gravity Well so it doesn’t pull units standing on the target space. This fixes bug where collide effects (such as standing adjacent to a spiked wall) could trigger on a unit standing on the gravity well target space.
    • Fixed bug where shadows were not appearing on quadrupeds, bugs, and snakes in the camp and on animated cards in the deck builder and collection.
    • Changed description of keyword "Block" to "Stop next physical attack from front or sides." to help clarify that side attacks are also blocked.
    • Warcry ability was changed to read: Triggers effect when entering battle.
    • Rally (X) keyword added as: Triggers effect when (X) enters battle.
    • Fixed bug where on screen items might not scale to fit a single atlas and result in unnecessary draw calls and performance drops.
    • Cleansing Fire can no longer detect surprises on units (it will be target units that only have surprise status effects). However, it will remove surprise status effects on units it is cast on.
    • Fixed bug where stacking a Life debug on a unit would result in the unit taking damage and (on armored units) this would cause the damage to be taken to armor instead of life, resulting in a life remaining that overflows the life bar available.
    • Fixed bug on Android when phone screen goes off due to inactivity and then is turned back on again, the game's sound levels restore to default despite the sliders being in the same position player put them in. (#529)
    • Fixed bug where an extra impact SFX played after a shield carrying unit blocked a combo attack.
    • Fixed bug where shield unit would play its impact animation before an arrow fired at it actually hit.
    • Fixed bug where sticky stats do not show on units that are newly summoned. (#537)
    • Animation System Upgrade: Made a special adaptation to the animation system to create more seamless animations when possible for multiple combined effects. For example, when multiple units collide into spikes or multiple units are poisoned, the animations will now occur together (if possible) rather than waiting for each animation to finish separately. Animations will group together when they come from an identical action as part of an uninterrupted sequence. If another action triggers (for example, as result of taking poison damage), the animation group will break apart at that point and show the animations to resolve that event tree before resuming the poison animations for the other units within that group. Note that the animation group will also break apart if the same action type targets an individual unit in more than one separate action so that each of the effects (ex: taking damage) are clearly shown as separate steps.
    • Fixed bug where you could not knockback or pull units through gateways.
    • Fixed bug where terrain obstacles were not getting colored or scaled properly when viewing their card.

    Game Updates & News / Re: Daily Updates
    « on: February 15, 2019, 01:30:03 PM »
    D20Studios to showcase at UDEN #21
    Hosted by Game Tyrant Gaming Center in North Salt Lake, UT

    As a proud Utah-based game developer, I'm excited to share I'll be showcasing Summoners Fate at the next UDEN meeting on February 27th. UDEN is a trade group dedicated to supporting digital entertainment industry in Utah and is head up by some truly exceptional individuals I have the honor of knowing: Jon Dean and Jeff Peters. When I do talks about the game industry, I'll speak about a philosophy of "Give to Grow" as the spirit of entrepreneurial success. Well, these two individuals embody that spirit like no other, giving so much of their time and energy to supporting others through mentorship and creating opportunities for networking and collaboration with UDEN.

    If you're a fellow resident of Utah and haven't yet had the pleasure of attending a UDEN meeting, I highly encourage you check this out. It's the perfect place to make a connection in the industry. I'll be there showcasing Summoners Fate and would love to meet you.

    Details and RSVP information available here.

    Game Updates & News / Re: Daily Updates
    « on: February 08, 2019, 07:09:55 PM »
    Streaming Live with A-Tech Gaming
    Come join us on Twitch!

    Game Updates & News / Re: Daily Updates
    « on: February 05, 2019, 01:40:53 PM »
    D20Studios Developer Spotlight on A-Tech Gaming

    I hope you're all excited as I am for the prerelease launch of Summoners Fate tomorrow. Certainly, our new friend Mike Lane at A-Tech Gaming is, and it's my pleasure to share his recent write-up about us on his website here. I met Mike last year at Dreamhack Atlanta and had the honor of speaking with him about our game and his amazing community of gamers at A-Tech who play games to support charity.

    Special Stream Event - A-Tech and Ross from D20Studios
    I have plans to join Mike's stream this Friday at 7PM MT where I'll talk about the game as he plays through. Details and sign-up for the Stream here.

    Characters, Spells & Art / Re: Elementals and Golems
    « on: February 01, 2019, 07:36:08 PM »
    Would the Air Elemental set of Traps if it ends its turn in that space?

    Previously, no. But with our recent change, flying creatures now trigger traps if they end movement on a trap. This is due to most flying creatures also having feat to walk with, but we also explain as the creature flying low to surface. I had considered a separate keyword ability for "hover" for creatures like Air Eleme tal and bat that are always floating as being able to never trigger traps, but not sure of the added complexity is needed. What do you think?

    Game Updates & News / Re: Daily Updates
    « on: February 01, 2019, 04:58:24 PM »
    Summoners Fate Prerelease Available on February 6th, 2019

    With great passion and excitement:

    The Summoners Fate prerelease will be available for purchase on our game’s website on Wednesday, February 6th.

    The price will be $29.99 and includes access to the game on all supported platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android). Currently supported features include deck building with over 170 implemented cards and real-time turn-based combat versus player and AI. Our ever-changing single player adventures are still being developed and will be added in a future update. Prerelease players will receive access to all game content as its being developed as well as entitlements to the full release content when the game launches officially.

    I’m sure you have many questions, so I’ve put together this handy FAQ about the prerelease. Please let me know if you have other questions I can answer. I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield with me next week!


    Game Updates & News / Prerelease Available Wednesday, February 6th!
    « on: February 01, 2019, 04:56:13 PM »
    Summoners Fate Prerelease Available on February 6th, 2019

    With great passion and excitement:

    The Summoners Fate prerelease will be available for purchase on our game’s website on Wednesday, February 6th.

    The price will be $29.99 and includes access to the game on all supported platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android). Currently supported features include deck building with over 170 implemented cards and real-time turn-based combat versus player and AI. Our ever-changing single player adventures are still being developed and will be added in a future update. Prerelease players will receive access to all game content as its being developed as well as entitlements to the full release content when the game launches officially.

    I’m sure you have many questions, so I’ve put together this handy FAQ about the prerelease. Please let me know if you have other questions I can answer. I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield with me next week!


    Summoners Fate Prerelease FAQ

    What is the Summoners Fate Prerelease?

    Our prerelease is an opportunity to purchase and play the game before its official release and play a critical role shaping its development through direct interactions with the developer, me, Ross!

    Why should I buy the game now versus waiting for full release?

    One of the most unique aspects of Summoners Fate is my pillar of “community driven design”. What this means is that player feedback is at the heart of how I work and why I develop this game. Players of my first game, Hero Mages, took part in the early design phase, making key contributions to the playability and creative aspects of the game, including the game’s distinctive squirrel-themed cards. Since then, Kelly and I have involved you throughout our development journey on social media, Kickstarter, our forums and our Discord. And recently, I’ve been streaming the development weekly on Twitch where I’ve created player-inspired cards live while you work with me.

    Buying the game in prerelease means you have a chance to shape its development and be an integral part of helping to create an exceptional community and game experience. Prerelease sales also helps me continue funding development and deliver the high-caliber quality you’ve come to expect from the games I create for you.

    Why the $29.99 price point?

    I speak sincerely and from the heart when I say you’ll be getting an exceptional experience easily worth multiple times more than our price point. Player satisfaction is my top commitment as a developer. I looked closely at our competitors and was dismayed to learn an average F2P CCG player might spend $400/year on cards, many of which aren’t even the ones they want. I don’t do that. Summoners Fate will include the entire launch cardset with the game and each of our cards has value and is super fun to play. If you’ve participated in our Discord or Twitch, you already know this. I don’t design “filler” content. We don’t have rares and commons to manipulate your spending habits. You’ll never dust cards because you bought something you didn’t want. Summoners Fate is a game developed from the heart and this shines through when you’re playing it. It’s not just a game you’re getting, either. You get to be part of a fantastic, welcoming community of like-minded players. You get to participate in live discussions with me on Discord and my weekly Twitch stream. You have a voice that is heard and recognized. You get to be a part of building something great and share in the joy of all those who hear and validate your ideas and see them come to life in my work.

    Is the prerelease available on Steam, Discord or other third-party stores?

    We have plans to distribute via third party stores (Steam, Discord, etc.) in the springtime when we have completed the single player features and the game is ready for mass audience. The prerelease offered on our website is not Steam “Early Access” nor does the purchase of the prerelease come with any third-party distributor entitlements (ex: access to game via Steam). Upon purchase, you’ll be able download the build on your desired operating platforms (Windows and/or Mac) and use the one-time-use registration key to activate the full release game entitlements on all platforms. When the game launches on mobile, it will be a free-download and offer DLC purchases to unlock the premium content that’s already included with your prerelease purchase. You’ll be able to access this content when you login with your account from any platform. Like the desktop version, the mobile builds are still in development and currently require access to our testing programs (Test Flight and Google Play Closed Alpha Testing) to access. Invitations to participate in these programs are available now to all prerelease players.

    How many cards are included in the prerelease?

    Currently, there are over 170+ of the 400+ cards planned for launch implemented within the game. During the prerelease, all cards are unlocked for testing purposes. When the single player is ready, I will reset the card access to follow the intended gameplay flow of completing the adventures to unlock the cards for your deck. When this happens, Kickstarter backers who purchased card bundles will receive access to the cards and exclusives included in their reward tiers.

    I supported the Kickstarter when Summoners Fate was presented as F2P, how does this change affect my rewards?

    I put a lot of thought and consideration into my decision to change from a F2P to a premium business model. As I’ve communicated before, I couldn’t reconcile the design values of the game (outlined above) with a business model that’s dependent on an extrinsic-reward-motivated core loop. I believe this change creates both a better game and a far better value for our players. I will do my best to ensure everyone who supported us is satisfied with the project and their rewards. Anyone that backed us at the Orc Battle Barrel tier or higher is entitled to a prerelease key, so please reach out to me if you haven’t yet received one. I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

    I missed the Summoners Fate Kickstarter and want to support development, is there anyway I can still contribute and get access to the exclusive rewards?

    Several members of our community have expressed regret that they missed the chance to participate in our Kickstarter and would love to support development and gain access to some of the very exclusive rewards (such as having a character designed in their likeness). I’m honored by this request, and to give you this opportunity, I will be setting up a development contribution on our website. This will include pledge rewards mirroring the tiers we used for Kickstarter. Excluded from this is the Golden Dragon, which was specifically defined as a Kickstarter-only exclusive. These options will be available on February 6th when the prerelease is available.

    Game Discussion / Re: Replies to Daily Newsletter
    « on: February 01, 2019, 03:18:47 PM »
    Hi BlackHorse,

    Welcome to the Summoners Fate forums! So sorry for the belayed response, I've been super focused getting the website services ready for our public prerelease. Were you a player in our super-early access back when we were still testing with Hero Mages assets? ;)

    To answer your question, yes, we are solving the walls exactly like you describe: Tiles of the matching map area will surround the map with a darker shade to indicate it is a non-playable area. It works pretty effective, allowing the game to support various aspect ratios. You can see the effect in our screenshots and videos, like this:

    Also, given your rather distinctive name, I've created two possible avatars you can use, one for our Dark Pegasus Unicorn and the other for our Horse Demon. You can change avatar in your forum account settings, take your pick ;)

    Game Updates & News / Upcoming Changes in Next Build
    « on: January 23, 2019, 06:14:25 PM »
    Hello players,

    In interest of keeping each other best informed of the issues discovered in the current build and the ones that will be fixed in the next build, I'm going to start maintaining a list here. This list is not definitive, but growing. I'm simply logging changes as I have them ready to introduce to the new build so that you can get a sense of where I'm at and with what is known to be coming.

    Changes Coming in v0.32.1

    As you can gather from the long, long list of changes below, this is a massive update. What I've done here is attempt to resolve as many of the known bugs and player feedback as possible so that I've got a clean slate from which to build out the single player experience. The changes listed below are player-facing changes. However, this update also includes a major back-end change to how the game content logic is defined and stored. Thus, everything in the game should be looked at closely with fresh eyes as there may be differences in how the new logic resolves. Please, please help me by reporting any bugs or otherwise unusual behavior that you discover. The best way to do this is to submit a bug report from directly within the game immediately after the observed behavior. If a bug window is not automatically triggered, you can manually pull up the window by clicking on settings (the gear icon) and then selecting "Submit Bug Report". This is also a great place to share feedback/balance/suggestions etc. as this automatically sends the information to my backlog, allowing me to track it and ensure it gets addressed in the future.

    New Cards Available
    • Soljuant
    • Gartuant
    • Ants at a Picnic
    • Wall of Fire
    • Lions Fury
    • Reflect Damage
    • Roar
    • Vigilant
    • Bramble Elemental
    • Magma Golem
    • Magma Giant
    • Savage Transformation
    • Green Dragon
    • Poison Breath
    • Blue Troll
    • Fire Shield
    • Time Travel
    • Back, to the Future!
    • Hydra
    • Cat of Nine
    • Samurai
    • Mummy
    • Paralyzing Spider
    • Rock Giant
    • Earth Drake
    • Orc Warrior
    • Evolyn, Paladin
    • Legatus Isabelle
    • Arcana
    • Frozen Blades
    • Grease
    • Fire Trap
    • Time Trap
    Performance and Multiplayer
    • Significant improvement to application loading times (roughly 2X improvement over previous build).
    • Multiplayer matches are now limited to 1 undo per interaction. Players still have unlimited undos, but you cannot undo past your last move (no more undoing the entire turn in multiplayer). We've also added support to limit undos to a fixed number per game that we can enable at player request.
    AI Fixes
    • Fixed bug #623 that was causing a critical desync state with AI when Vigil ability (typically from Soul Reaver) combined with a Freeze effect (typically from Cora). This bug was responsible for the majority of locked games in client v0.31.
    • Fixed desync bug #575 where the Red Imp caused a desync with the AI and locked up the game.
    • Fix bug #589 where the Gate of Fate was causing a desync with AI.
    Balance Changes
    • Changed Giant Meteor so it can now target any space. The impact space now takes 5 damage (and will affect stealth units), but no longer knock back the primary target. Units surrounding the blast now take 1 damage and Knockback (5) from impact space.
    • Fixed Seeker Barrage so that it now gets a cost discount when from Air Elemental.
    • Fixed Psychic Blast, Ice Javelin and Seeker Barrage so they now show the damage bonus gained Lightning Elemental.
    • Changed Sibylla’s buff ability from “Ally units get +1/+1” to “Units you summon get +1/+1”. Additionally, her buff is no longer persistent (like a Skeleton Captain) but rather triggers when she summons a unit and gets applied as a lasting but removable status effect.
    • Gravity Blast/Push: Push all enemies in front of you 5 spaces away.
    • Gravity Well: Pull all enemies 3 spaces towards any space.
    • Changed the Wizard so that he may not draw additional cards unless he holds less than 5.
    • Changed Stealth so that unit is revealed immediately when attempting to attack/cast. This will fix issue where stealth units do not reveal after triggering a Cover of Shadows surprise.
    • Dark Elf Assassin - Reduced cost from 3 to 2, and dropped power from 3 to 2, Life from 6 to 4.
    • Sabertooth - Removed the Moves up to 4 spaces per turn ability. I've decided to limit abilities that change movement to specific characters (Griffon, Cave Spider) and fix the number at 6 rather (double movement) rather than 4.
    • Swift Strike ability upgraded: Now grants +3 power, triggers regardless of facing
    • Changed Fire Elemental from 3/7 to a 2/5 but increased his Fire Shield from 1 damage to 3. He now has immune to Fire in addition to Immune to Freeze.
    • Phoenix now has Immune to Fire in addition to Immune to Freeze.
    • Flesh Golem no longer requires "Unique". Rather, the oldest Flesh Golem will act as body guard until defeated, then newer instances of Flesh Golem will take over.
    • Fighter Mage now has Immunity to Frozen and Immobilize.
    • Changed how Mind Control Effects Work:
      1. When you place a Mind Control effect on a unit, any existing mind control effect is removed.
      2. Mind Control status now indicates the controlling player vs. the name of unit that cast the mind control effect.
    • Increased Spike tile damage from 1 to 2.
    • Increased Wall Spike damage from 1 to 2.
    • Changed Bloodlust so it can be cast on any unit (not just melee units)
    • Death Blossoms now spawns Spore Pods on target row, rather than in a line from caster.
    • Spore Pods once again cause damage and Poison allowing them to cascade explode surrounding spore pods.
    • Units defeated by Disintegrate can no longer be revived.
    • Increased Frost Dragon's Life from 8 to 10 and changed its ability from Freeze units entering adjacent space to Sprintshot: Deal 2 Ice damage and Freeze units in range 3 cone.
    • Meteor Shower now targets everything in a 5x5 AOE anywhere on board vs. ALL enemies. And with its new VFX, it's a lot more gratifying to play this card now.
    • Blizzard now targets enemies in any 5x5 AOE vs. ALL enemies.
    • Ice Fall now targets non Ice Dwellers in any 5x5 AOE vs. ALL non Ice Dwellers.
    • Marauder Metalist will now buff himself as well.
    • Increased Mummy Queen's Life from 11 to 12.
    • All targets of a swipe/spin attack can now counter attack if able to do so.
    • Fire Damage will now remove Frozen status. While something is on fire, it cannot block. Fire lasts only for the duration of the current interaction chain.
    • Reduced cost of Earth Elemental from 3 to 2.
    • Entangle now Anchors enemies (holds them to ground, preventing gravity effects) in addition to Immobilizing them.
    • Iron Golem: Cost 3 -> 2. Can now be equipped.
    • Knight:  +2 Power on Charge -> +3 on Charge.
    • Kyra, Bard: Life 10 -> 11
    • Titus, Gladiator: Stats Life 10 -> 11
    • Orc Shaman: Increased Power 2 -> 3. Changed him from a Range unit to a Melee unit. His attack now inflicts the -2/-0 debuff, and then he heals the closest ally. This change was intended to further distinguish the Orc Shaman as a unique, aggressive type healer.
    • Flesh Golem: Life 7 -> 8
    • Horse Demon: Increased the "no sacrifice punishment" from 5 damage to Summoner to 8.
    • Angel Warrior - Cost 3 -> 2
    • Marauder Metalist - Life 10->8, Armor up 2 ->3.
    • Ice Giant: Power 3 -> 4
    • Ice Golem: Power 2 -> 3, Life 5 -> 6.
    • The Barrier keyword has been replaced with Spellblock. Now, it prevents only spell attacks, not simply non-physical attacks (ex: Dragon breath, Cora's ice attack).
    • Changed Celestial Barrier from a Cost 3 equipment to a Cost 1 Surprise: Counter the next range attack or spell cast on this unit. The previous Celestial Barrier is now a new Freewill card called "Arcana" that equips the spell book shield wielded by the Battle Mage at cost 2 instead of 3.
    • Celestial Shield: Reduced cost 1 -> 0.
    Combo/Counter Attack System Changes:
    In large thanks to player feedback from folks like t_lark and vgsmart, we’ve come to understand how our combo system is exploitable in a way that other players may perceive as unfair. In the original system, it’s possible to use a combination of 2 or more knock back units to create  “ping-pong” effect where the damage dealt within the group is multiplied by a factor of 2, quickly ending the game when the victim is the opposing summoner. By combining gravity effects with the ping-pong, the combo is easily achieved with little recourse for the player to counter it. Here’s how we’ve changed the combo system to remove this exploit while managing to keep combos in the game in a strategically meaningful way:
    • Previously, units got 1 regular attack (via player command) and 1 bonus attack per round that could be used for a combo or a counter attack. With this update, each unit will now receive exactly 1 attack per turn.
    • When a unit attacks, it will now exhaust their attack for the turn, meaning that you can no longer both attack and combo attack in the same turn. This will be reflected on the unit with the following visual indicators:
          1. The unit’s idle animation will reflect a relaxed idle pose vs. weapon raised pose
          2. The unit will show a crossed out sword icon near their life bar
          3. The unit will have a status effect that reads "No attacks left this turn."
    • Clerics can no longer be used to remove the "No attacks left this turn" status effect.
    • When the turn ends, units will replenish their attack so you can always counter attack (once per turn) on the enemy turn whether you used your combo attack or not.
    • Units with the harpoon ability (Gladiator, Clik’Clik) can still trigger combos in the same turn by pulling enemies toward them (however, if the pull is blocked by an obstacle, their 1 attack per round will still be exhausted like other units).
    • Vigil units still have unlimited counter and combo attacks, though they can only attack once "per command chain" to prevent infinite ping-ponging.
    • Combos exhaust a unit’s command.
    • Combos will no longer require "1 space distance traveled" to activate. You can now trigger combos by knocking a unit directly into an adjacent ally (similar to how the spike walls will trigger if pushed into).

    Neutral Status Effects:
    This build introduces a new type of status effect "Neutral" that is neither a buff nor a debuff. This status type is now used for Cannot Block and Attacks Used so that Clerics can no longer remove these types of effects from a unit. Additionally, the concept of "relative debuff" (where an opponent cast spell would show as a debuff relative to that opponent) has been removed. This proven too confusing to players and the game engine. Now, status effects will simply be explicitly defined as buff, debuff or neutral.

    Ranged Attack Rule Changes:
    Ranged abilities have been consolidated to two types: Farshot and Sprintshot.
    • Farshot provides an alternative attack when targeting an enemy at range. It can be used at unlimited range on enemies within line of sight, but units with Farshot cannot move and attack in the same turn. It’s keyword definition has been changed from "Use a special attack against non-adjacent enemies.” to “Shoot unlimited range. Can’t move and attack."
    • Sprintshot allows a unit to move and shoot in the same turn, but unlike Farshot, it is limited to a range of 3 spaces. This new keyword replaces the previous combination of Farshot and Move and Shoot to a single definition that reads: "May move and shoot up to 3 space away."
    • The "Ranged" keyword has been deprecated, and units previously holding this keyword now have Farshot: Attack. Additionally, range units will now make an explicit melee attack and use a different animation than their bow and arrow attack for melee hits.

    Equipment System Changes:
    As players have expressed a lot of passion for equipment and the ability to customize their heroes (particularly in the single player experience), I have revamped our equipment system as follows:
    • The previous system had hard-coded restrictions on what could be equipped due to both the character animations and the listed card abilities. For instance, it used to be impossible to equip a two-handed wielding hammer character with a shield because this would break their attack animation. Also, a shield wielding character could not equip a two-handed hammer because this would remove the shield and the Block ability would no longer make sense. These restrictions have been removed.
    • When a character that starts with a two-handed weapon is equipped with an offhand weapon (for example a shield), they will retain their existing abilities and gain the shield block ability. Their attack animation will switch accordingly to a single hand swing animation. My reasoning for this is that if the character started with that weapon, they are skilled enough to dual-wield it.
    • When a character equips a two-handed weapon (ex: a hammer) and then equips an offhand weapon, they will lose their equipped two-handed weapon. My reasoning is that since they didn't start with this weapon, they are not trained to dual-wield it.
    • When a character equips an item that would make it reasonably impossible to use an ability listed on their card, they will lose that ability. For example, if you decide to equip a shield wielding Cleric with a two-handed hammer, you will lose the Block ability since the ability to block can be directly attributed to a shield. Similarly, if you equip a Gladiator with a dagger, you will lose the harpoon pulling ability. This breaks the previous spirit of "Equipment is only additive" but I feel this results in more natural behavior. It was weird seeing my Mantis mage throw a poison dagger and still harpoon enemies to him.
    • When dragging an equipment card to give it to a unit, the curved targeting arrows are replaced with a contextual preview indicating in real-time before you cast which abilities the character will gain and which abilities the character will lose when the item is equipped. After the item is equipped, any abilities lost that were listed on the card text will appear as grayed out text.
    • When equipment is destroyed or replaced, any of the characters original equipment and abilities that are now legal will be restored.
    • Added SFX for when unit is equipped. Additionally, the character will float above other characters on the board as they are transformed.

    Gameplay Fixes
    • Fixed issue where DLC may fail to update on PC.
    • Improved controls: Made it so that cards no longer hide after pressing and holding to show a unit card and mousing off a unit. Instead, user must click to dismiss card.
    • Adapted iOS app to use the LaunchStoryboard instead of launch screen PNGs. This enables true fullscreen on iPad Pro 11 inch model.
    • Fixed bug where tapping on a unit card to reveal it would result in the character not showing on the mini card.
    • Gaining control of a unit no longer automatically resets the available action. This was done to prevent Red Imp exploit where you could cleanse him to regain control in an unfair way to steal another enemy unit in the same turn multiple times.
    • Fixed and status removal bug #580 that was causing the Red Imp control effect to show as debuffs rather than buffs, resulting in undesirable situation where healing a controlled imp would release control of it back to its owner.
    • Fixed bug #551 where Griffon should have flown over trap since it would have been flying to go over the wall.
    • Fixed bug #612 where bonus actions were being allowed when removing rebuffs.
    • Fixed formatting error in Keyword scanner where spaces/periods were getting removed.
    • Fixed bug where damage effects not in the first effect slot were not getting modified on card text until after an undo or drawing the card (the cards would initially appear without the buff showing on text).
    • Fixed bug with Prison of Brambles where the creating player could not attack their own brambles.
    • Fixed bug #620 where the Stealth ability would fail when the attacker did not have an available adjacent space. This was due to copying and carrying over the Guardian Angel trigger.
    • Fixed status effect formatting issue where a blank empty line would show for units with Taunt.
    • Fixed the animation glitch when using Battle Mage with Chain Lightning.
    • Fixed Barrier ability so that unit blocking the spell now faces its source.
    • Fixed Bug: After summoning lightning elemental, lightning bolt stopped glowing even tho it could be cast.
    • Fixed bug #632 where cards that were Unsummoned by Zenon would incorrectly lose their cost bonus at the end of turn.
    • Fixed bug #491 where a Polymorphing a Mind Controlled unit would return it to the control of its original owner rather than than the current controller.
    • Fixed Bug where damage numbers could appear off the top of screen and out of view.
    • When a character is summoned, it will now fall from above other characters. No more dragons flying underneath characters ;)
    • Card sort filters are now cleared after leaving the card collection screen or the deck editor screen. This is to avoid any confusion about the availability of a card that may be unclear due to lingering filters. Card sort preferences are still saved and persist.
    • D'Orc Slay, Orc Chief no longer summons goblins for killing terrain.

    Added Rules for Exploring Dungeons:
    • After battle non-loyal units will vanish from the board. Guardians (your starting heroes) always receive the Loyal ability. Certain units (like the Wolf) also have the Loyal ability.
    • Units  summoned after battle while in explore mode will carry over to the next room (even if they are not loyal).
    • After battle, any status effects (buffs, debuts, etc.) are removed. All equipment remains.
    • During explore mode, any debuffs placed on your units are automatically removed. This is to prevent situations like walking on an ice trap and having it freeze you. Since there are no turns, there is no way to unfreeze.
    • Buffs may be placed when in explore mode and will carry over to the next level and last until the next battle is over.
    • Spells that would put a unit in limbo cannot be cast in explore mode. This includes Savage Transformation and Time Travel. This is because the engine does not support storage of units in limbo when crossing over. In the case of Time Travel, there would be no way to return your Summoner since there are not turns to trigger it.

    Events / Develop with Ross - Episode 3 Player Ideas Brought to Life
    « on: January 22, 2019, 08:56:28 PM »
    Develop with Ross - Episode 3: Player Ideas Brought to Life!

    For those joining my development stream on Wednesday January 23th (9AM-11:30AM MT) on our Twitch channel here are the cards I plan to implement during the stream. These cards were inspired by player ideas that we discussed the past week on our Discord channel.


    Events / Develop with Ross - Episode 2
    « on: January 15, 2019, 08:45:57 PM »
    Develop with Ross - Episode 2: Let's make some more cards!

    For those joining my development stream on Wednesday January 16th (9AM-11:30AM MT) on our Twitch channel I've put together this sampling of cards I plan to implement. If you've got other ideas you'd like me to try during the stream, feel welcome to post them here.


    Game Updates & News / Re: Daily Updates
    « on: January 06, 2019, 12:27:20 PM »
    Greetings Summoners Fate fans!

    Some exciting announcements today. First up, we've got another super-fun Summoners Sunday stream tonight at 7PM with our friend Liz (Alizigator) that you can watch on her Twitch stream.

    Second, taking inspiration from our community, I've decided to host a developer stream on Wednesday this week and give you all a chance to see first-hand the editor tools we've created for building content and take part in a LIVE design/develop session and implement your card ideas within the game during the stream. You won't want to miss it!

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