Release Notes v0.49.1

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Release Notes v0.49.1
« on: June 30, 2021, 06:29:39 PM »
Release Notes
Latest Release: v0.49.1
Date Released: 10/19/2021

  • New Summoner Select Screen - Improved how summoners are selected for adventures based on player feedback. Each summoner now has a curated starting deck and description to make it more clear how their playstyle works.
  • Privacy - New account registration no longer requires email.
  • Fixed Bug where Battle Mage was showing the Block keyword in his card description.

Changes in v0.48.1
Released: 10/10/2021
  • Fast Travel - You can use the world map to fast travel to explored locations.
  • Interactive map - You can mouse over (or tap) on map cells to learn about the contents.
  • Randomized World Order - The world order is now randomized instead of always being Dungeon, Forest, Desert. Note, because of the difficulty of desert encounters, desert will still only surface on level 2 or 3.
  • PC/Mac controls: Added WASD/arrow key movement controls.
  • PC/Mac controls: Added M keypress to open/close map.
  • PC/Mac controls: Added mouse over controls to view spell cards during combat.
  • New animation: Replaced 3 Star Victory/Dance animation with Sword Clash Victory.
  • Fixed bug where running on 4K monitor in 4K resolution in Windows would cause the game to lock.
  • Fixed bug where multiplayer games weren’t showing opponent’s name.
  • Fixed bug where the contents of an explored room were not marked on map after being defeated and retrying.
  • Fixed bug with misaligned text in dice roll prompt for caged animal encounter.
  • Fixed bug where defeating Cho'Tuk while he is transformed into a bear would lock the game.
  • Balance Fix: Orc huntresses controlled by bots will no longer fire arrows at the start of battle.

Changes in v0.47.1
Released: 8/26/2021

  • Fixed bug where a multiplayer de-sync could occur as a result of both players using the undo feature on back-to-back turns.
  • Spawn Protection System (Smart Procedural Curation) In this first phase of efforts to address player feedback on early-game difficulty, we've implemented a new feature that protects players from being trapped in a world with battles that are too difficult to win. We accomplish this by comparing your characters current battle experience with the difficulty of encounters, and, if necessary, swapping encounter in the world to ensure a better distribution of fights that escalate in difficulty with the resources available.
  • Added a tutorial tip to for the retreat command. This should trigger during adventure mode when encountering a battle that might be too difficult to win with your current resources. The retreat command provides a way to safely scout the area and leave the battle.
  • Added ultra-widescreen aspect ratio support for Android phones.
  • Fixed bug where the Log Out button was being scaled weird on iOS
  • Added new card: Siphon Mana
  • Added new maps to procedurally generated worlds

Changes in v0.46.1
Released: 8/4/2021

  • Fixed bug where starting a multiplayer game, then backing out before a game connected resulted in adventure campaign progress being erased.
  • Improved experience for how Adventures are saved to meet player expectations. The game will still auto-save at every step. In addition, there is now a "Save & Exit to Title" button that will allow you to return to the title screen with campfire and tortoise. From here, you can choose to "Continue Adventure" or start "New Game". This way, it's more clear that campaign progress is protected, and you are free to start new battles (multiplayer or vs. AI). If you try to start a new adventure while an existing adventure is in progress, the game will prompt you with a warning, indicating that starting a new adventure will erase the current adventure progress. Player can then choose to start new adventure or cancel and keep existing adventure.
  • Fixed bug where the first three cards in deck were not getting shuffled.
  • Fixed bug where switching to Desktop UI on mobile would lock the UI in Desktop mode until selecting Mobile UI and restarting the app.
  • Fixed bug where attempting to remove a card from deck while the Sort prompt is filtering it out crashes the deck builder.
  • Fixed bug where debug code was showing on character during rainstorm.
  • UI: Made the magic school buttons in Sort cards prompt consistent with those in the Choose Summoner screen.
  • Balance: Reduced the Insectoid card mana discount granted by Mating Season from 2 to 1.

Changes in v0.45.1
Released: 8/1/2021

Fixed bug where starting a Battle while in Adventure mode could result in advancing to the next chapter with your Battle team and losing your previous adventure progress.

Changes in v0.44.1
Released: 7/30/2021

More updated UI (prompts, victory/defeat, and turn start indicators)

Changes in v0.43.1
Released: 6/30/2021

Single Player Adventures
This build is all about the new single player experience called "Adventures" (also called "Prophecies"). Your goal is defeat three powerful bosses in an ever-changing lands where new encounters are generated each time you play. Adventures are divided into 3 chapters, with each chapter representing a different world (ex: dungeon, forest, desert). For this release, the order of the biomes and the bosses for each world are fixed. In future builds, the plan is to randomize the worlds, enemy and boss themes so you'll never know quite what to expect next. Even still, there is plenty of content in this build to keep you delighted and surprised :)

New Tutorial
Sylvia's squirrel-hurl staff finding mission has been updated to introduce many of the new mechanics of the game's new open-world, free-roam exploration engine.

New UI and Desktop Layout
The game's UI artwork has been updated and I've added a new layout mode optimized for playing the game on desktop.

Seamless Multiplayer Battles
In previous builds, it was necessary to complete your single player games before you could engage in a multiplayer game. In this build, you can start a multiplayer battle (or quick match against the AI) without disrupting your campaign progress. This build also features an optimized caching system, so game load times after the initial rasterization process should be very fast.

Several new music tracks have been added to compliment exploring during adventures, resting at camp, and the escalation of boss battles.

New Cards
Nearly 50 new cards/characters have been added to the build and are available in both the single player and battle modes.
  • Animate Plant
  • Ant Pheromones
  • Arcane Insight
  • Bat
  • Bonus Attack
  • Call to Arms
  • Carniflower
  • Celestial Blast
  • Sir Cheesles/Chronomancer
  • Demonic Lash
  • Demonic Strength
  • Dreadnought Titan
  • Dreadnought Warrior
  • Dreamstealer
  • Dwarven Armor
  • Flash Bomb
  • Freeze Time
  • Giant Crocodile
  • Giant Stag Beetle
  • Harpy
  • Hellhound
  • Imprison
  • Incubus
  • Jungle Cat
  • Lightning Storm
  • Mating Season
  • Meditate
  • Necrotic Blast
  • Orc champion
  • Power Overwhelming
  • Rat
  • Screaming Skull
  • Shadow Bolt
  • Shatter
  • Shockwave
  • Silence
  • Skeleton Reaver
  • Stolen Dreams
  • Succubus
  • Shunder Armor
  • Tactician
  • Three Point Palm
  • Time Bomb
  • Timekeeper Warrior
  • Toxic Spores
  • Unusual Size
  • Water Drake
  • Wooden Buckler

And More!
Many other game improvements and fixes have also been added in this build.
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