Release Notes v0.69.1

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Release Notes v0.69.1
« on: May 03, 2022, 02:10:22 PM »
    Release Notes
    Latest Release: v0.69.1
    Date Released: 06/12/2022

    Pending Changes
    Coming Soon
    • Fixed bug "RangeError: Invalid child index" when positioning card in hand

    Changes in v0.69.1
    Released: 06/12/2022

    • New Feature: Stats tab in Progression menu allows you to view your collection of gameplay stats.
    • New Feature: When returning to the title menu, any new cards unlocked are now shown to the player.
    • Improvement: Added a "New" flag to indicate cards the player has not yet unlocked when card is shown in "You Found", "Choose Card", and "Shops" prompts.
    • Improvement: Sorted locked Summoners by their relative difficulty to unlock.
    • Improvement: Per player feedback on getting the "Challenger" achievement (defeat boss with no soul gems) and a clever hardcore strategy to avoid picking up heart containers to reserve them as extra campsites, we've disabled auto-loot on soul gems and heart containers. You'll have to walk over these tiles to pick up these items.
    • Improvement: Reduced difficulty of unlocking Antarus, Battle Mage. Reduced difficulty of unlocking Cora, Ice Queen. Changed Sylvia's starting deck cards to include Animal Growth.
    • Fixed bug where tutorial uses the Advanced difficulty instead of Novice difficulty.
    • Fixed bug where crocodiles in forest encounter always took the first turn (even if player is not powerful enough to survive their attack)
    • Fixed bug where it was possible to summon killer bunnies, armored squirrels or skeletons in the water.
    • Fixed bug where Breed spell could copy units onto invalid tiles (such as walls or water).
    • Fixed bug where All-star decks weren't populating after exiting an adventure to the title and then attempting to play a battle.
    • Fixed bug where the same Satchel cards were appearing twice in the progression menu.
    • Fixed various reported desyncs and soft locks.

    Changes in v0.67.1
    Released: 05/26/2022

    • New Feature: All-new progression system allows you to unlock cards, characters and achievements through gameplay.
    • New Feature: Cross-platform cloud save allows you to play on one device and continue on another.
    • Improvement: Defeated guardians are now revived when using a portal to travel to a new world.
    • Improvement: Barbarians who defeat enemies by knocking them into spikes will now get credit for the defeat and trigger their activation. Effectively, we changed the rule for who actually does the damage/defeat such that neutral targets (ex: spikes) do not take the credit, even if they deal the remaining damage.
    • Fixed bug where Gruar appeared super-tiny after defeating an enemy instead of growing larger.
    • Fixed bug where game might lock animations during situations where trees or other placable objects were destroyed.
    • Fixed bug where successions of spore pods being destroyed did not animate the "burst" of adjacent spore pods.
    • Fixed bug where it was not possible to buy the last card from a shopkeeper on desktop.
    • Fixed bug where AI could desync with the player in certain situations.
    • Testing Fix: Implemented a solution to help improve framerate and performance.
    • Testing Fix: Implemented a solution that potentially fixes the stuck on "Loading Assets 100%" bug after updating.

    Changes in v0.65.1
    Released: 05/08/2022

    • Fixed bug where it was possible to get a hurled squirrel to follow you in explore mode. This meddlesome squirrel could then go on to create undesirable mayhem, such as making your Summoner run away or causing the game to freeze.
    • Fixed bug where the Battle Mage did not apply the knockback to some damage spells with multiple AOE targets (such as Dragons Breath or Fireball). The Battle Mage now properly applies knockback to all damage spells with the exception of spells that cause their own gravity effect from a point other than the caster (for example, Exploding Fireball knocks backs units from the center of the blast.)
    • Fixed bug where hurling squirrels at groups of explosive barrels could cause errors (see bug above).
    • Fixed bug where the Guardian Angel redirect could throw exception if the only available adjacent space to summon the angel was against a wall.
    • Fixed bug where dragging a satchel card into play could cause a softlock.
    • Tracking a bug reported by some users that after the game initially updates from a new build, it gets stuck in the loading screen. Restarting the game fixes the issue. Please let us know if you experience this bug and provide information if possible so we can fix in future release.
    • Tracking a bug reported where changing the language can generate an error. Please continue reporting this bug and provide any details you can on what you were doing prior to the language change so we can fix in future release.

    Changes in v0.64.1
    Released: 05/03/2022


    UI Overhaul: The game’s UI has been completely overhauled and optimized. This includes all-new UI artwork, improvements to the battle interface, new resource HUD, and more.

    New PC Controls: We’ve added numerous controls to improve the experience of the game on PC. Clicking the right mouse button shows the card or description of the unit or tile clicked on. Mousing over resources and buttons in the hud will now identify what the element is and how it works. Mousing over cards in the deck builder instantly shows the expanded details. We’ve also eliminated the “Choose and Buy” buttons on PC in favor of using mouse over to view cards and clicking on the card directly to make your selection.

    Localization: Summoners Fate now supports 6 languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Korean, and French. Players can change language at the title screen and via settings menu.

    Risk vs Reward Features: In the previous build, we received feedback that there wasn’t enough reward to offset the risk of hunting down enemy minions and elite Summoners. We’ve taken your suggestions and added several new features to make the tension of risk vs. reward more fun and meaningful:
    • Soul Gems: Soul Gems provide incentive to explore and defeat the Elite Summoners. When defeated, each defeated enemy Summoner drops either a red or blue soul gem. A red soul gem depletes the boss’s health by 5. A blue soul gem depletes the bosses mana by 3 (denying them a turn of casting spells against you).
    • Skeleton Keys: Skeleton Keys provide incentive to defeat minions. Minions will now drop keys that can be used to unlock treasure rooms or locked chests containing satchel cards or other valuable resources.
    • Satchel Cards: A new category of cards that can be cast during explore mode to power up your characters for the next battle, upgrade characters, and unlock new content. Satchel cards are found in locked treasure chests, dropped by elites, and bosses.

    Boss Key: No more stumbling into the boss. You’ll now need to recover the boss key (carried by one of the Elite Summoners) and use it to unlock the boss’s chamber.

    Random Bosses: This build adds 3 new bosses (one per each of our current three biomes) for a total of 6 bosses. The bosses in each world are now randomly selected.

    Lore Journal and Collection Completion Reward: The new lore collection in the HUD now shows your progress towards completing your lore collection. Clicking the lore collection in the HUD lets you read the lore you’ve found. Completing the lore collection within a world grants the player their choice of a reward.

    Discard Feature: Per popular request, cards can now be discarded at any time during your turn. Additionally, if you discard two or more cards during the same turn, you generate 1 mana.

    Auto Loot: Characters will now automatically pick up loot dropped when destroying objects in explore mode (but not during combat and not after winning a battle).

    Debris: Environment objects now splinter, shatter and generate debris when destroyed making it much more fun and satisfying to smash barrels and crates to find loot. Debris is also persistent so you can follow the wake of your destruction to tell where you’ve already battled and explored.


    • Character Aesthetics: The size of character heads have been adjusted to more realistic proportions.
    • Environment Aesthetics: We’ve added textures to dirt and dungeon tiles to make the game feel a bit more “gritty” on PC while still maintaining the game’s unique charm and aesthetic. We’ve adjusted the lighting to make dungeons and caves feel darker. Torches and other light sources have been adjusted to improve aesthetics. Doorways have been improved.
    • End Turn Prompt: Adapted the end turn prompt so it now messages whether or not you have unit actions available, cards that can be played, or both. Additionally, the end turn prompt can now be disabled/enabled in Gameplay Settings.
      Updated the difficulty settings: Casual is now Novice. Normal is now Advanced. Added tooltip descriptions to each difficulty setting. Novice difficulty now has additional features to help onboard new players including bonus life to their Summoner, the ability to fully recover their party after each defeat, and having a guardian angel summoned on their last retry.
    • Title Screen, Tortoise and Battle Menus: Overhauled the design of the menus to give it a more modern and premium feel. Players can now choose Adventure, Battle or Tutorial from the Tortoise menu. The old battle menu has been removed and the battle options have been placed directly in the tortoise menu with fly out animations and polished transitions. In addition, when you start a battle and complete it, you now return directly to the battle screen so you can quickly fire up your next battle without having to navigate through the menus.
    • Settings Menu: Restructured the “Exit Game” menu to comply with best practices for PC games, allowing option to exit directly to desktop or title screen, and clearly indicating how game progress is saved.
    • Fast Travel: Added animation to complete the teleport exit effect of the fast travel system.
    • Weather Systems: Added additional support for weather effects (ex: rain storms) to control lighting by removing light/god rays during the duration of weather. Added animated god rays to further improve ambience and immersion in the world.
    • Card Types: Types now show on spell cards (ex: insectoid spells now show insectoid type).
    • Goblin Party: The Goblin party got more exciting! New aesthetics as well as boosted stats for the “Birthday Boy” goblin.
    • Map Landmarks: Key information such as treasures you’ve discovered, shops, enemies, etc. are automatically marked on your map when you discover them. This also now includes marking enemies on the map when you are defeated and opt to retry.
    • Updated tutorial: Removed lore, soul gems and boss key from tutorial (These will be introduced in the first adventure or when the player resets tips from the settings menu). Player now frees the Cosmic Tortoise from the jail cell using a key.

    To help focus our balance testing, we’re going to limit the characters available in the prerelease to the 8 Summoners planned for launch. As we reach closer towards development milestones, we will unlock additional characters as well as introduce new characters for play testing. These Summoners are:
    • Sylvia, Druid (Nature, Chaos)
    • Antarus, Battle Mage (Chaos, Arcane)
    • Albirich, Fighter Mage (Celestial, Nature)
    • Cora, Ice Queen (Arcane, Void)
    • D’Orc Slayer, Chieftan (Chaos, Nature)
    • Li, Pyromancer (Chaos, Celestial)
    • Sibylla, Conjurer (Void, Chaos)
    • Zenon, Arch Mage (Arcane, Celestial)

    • Guardian: Drax, Scorpion Lord
    • Guardian: Araknia, Spider Queen
    • Guardian: Dameon, Warlock
    • Unit: Vampire Hypnotist
    • Unit: Vampire
    • Unit: Vampire Lord
    • Unit: Gruar
    • Unit: Dark Elf Archer
    • Unit: Dark Elf Witch
    • Unit: Frog Demon
    • Unit: Electrocutioner
    • Unit: Armored Rat
    • Unit: Mantis Warrior
    • Spell: Enrage
    • Spell: Rat Pack
    • Spell: Gust of Wind
    • Spell: Hurl a Squirrel
    • Spell: Spirit Recall
    • Satchel Card: Earth Elemental Scroll
    • Satchel Card: Fire Elemental Scroll
    • Satchel Card: Air Elemental Scroll
    • Satchel Card: Water Elemental Scroll
    • Satchel Card: Anti-Freeze Potion
    • Satchel Card: Anti-Venom Potion
    • Satchel Card: Healing Potion
    • Satchel Card: Big Healing Potion
    • Satchel Card: Mana Potion
    • Satchel Card: Big Mana Potion
    • Satchel Card: Forcefield
    • Satchel Card: Guardian Heart
    • Satchel Card: Life Potion
    • Satchel Card: Stone Ankh
    • Satchel Card: Strength Potion
    • Satchel Card: Mana Potion
    • Satchel Card: Big Mana Potion
    • Satchel Card:Stone Ankh

    • Fixed bug where bridges in forest world weren’t populating wood planks and resulting in 1-tile wide bridges.
    • Fixed bug with some keywords not populating correctly.
    • Fixed bug where quickly adding dice to a fate encounter could result in your hud reporting extra dice that weren’t actually available in inventory
    • Fixed bug where fast traveling to a map could trigger event prompts twice.
    • Fixed bug where clicking rapidly after fast traveling could result in getting the camera stuck in zoomed in view.
    • Fixed bug where using Save and Exit Adventure during a battle within an adventure would clear the battle progress.
    • Fixed bug where light rays in dungeons would follow the player character like spotlights while exploring.
    • Fixed bug that would allow spiderlings shaken off spider mothers to spawn on water.
    • Fixed bug that would allow marauders surrounding captives to spawn on traps.
    • Fixed bug where it was possible to fast travel, land on a trap and receive damage.
    • Fixed bug where releasing card to cast could result in it temporarily appearing at the top of screen.
    • Fixed bug where cards being returned to the deck after a battle appeared super large.
    • Fixed bug where hero won't appear to reposition to gravity effect if they are pulled on the AI's turn going first.
    • Fixed bug where the guardian from Catch of the Day encounter could join the team even if the party was full. The prompt that allows the player to choose their two guardian teammates was not surfacing, allowing a temporary party size of more than 2 guardians.
    • Fixed bug where Loyal units were not being healed when resting at a campsite.
    • Fixed bug where retreating immediately after the AI has taken first turn caused a soft lock.
    • Fixed bug where suspicious tombs could not be opened.

    • Balance: Changed Freeze Time  from (Cost 2) "All non-timekeeper units cannot use actions, cast spells, be targeted or take damage units end of your next turn." to (Cost 3) "Freeze all units on the board except timekeepers."
    • Balance: Changed Revealing Light (Cost 1): "Reveal every Surprise and Stealth unit. Draw 2 cards." To Blinded by the Light (Cost 2): "Blind all enemies until end of their next turn. Reveal every Surprise and Stealth unit."
    • Balance: Steal Lifeforce spell was renamed "Vampire Bite" and changed from "Steal 4 Life from adjacent enemy." to "Give adjacent enemy -0/-4. Gain +0/+4."
    • Balance: Added type "small" to Yellowjacket, Wolf Spiderling, Bat and Rat. You can now use Animal Growth to mutate these animals and Breed to copy them.
    • Balance: Shockwave now stuns all enemies. Stunned units cannot attack or block until end of turn.
    • Balance: Reduced cost of Expose the Rear from 2 to 1.
    • Balance: Reduced cost of Lions Fury from 2 to 1.
    • Balance: Fixed chain lightning targeting so that triggered abilities no longer interrupt the lightning animation before it finishes hitting all targets. Fixed the animation so the lightning bolt seamlessly passes through all targets. Made it so that the Spell Damage Boost now applies to all targets hit by chain lightning (not just the first target). Made it so the targeting now shows all units who will be hit by the chain lightning before casting. Changed Chain lightning text from "Deal 3 damage and chain 3 damage on up to 2 closest enemies visible to last target." to read: "Deal 3 damage on up to 3 enemies closest together and visible to each other."
    • Balance: Wall of Fire was changed to allow summoning the wall on target row or column. Additionally, the Wall of Fire now lasts until the end of battle or removed using dispel magic.
    • Balance: Death Blossoms can now be cast on target row or column.
    • Balance: Reduced the cost of Redirect from 3 to 2.
    • Balance: To make the duration of effects more clear, we changed "Until end of next turn" to "Until end of their turn" and we changed "Until their next turn" to "Until start of their turn". These effects will now last relative to the turn of the unit they are cast on, not the turn of who casted it, which means the status effects placed on them will always communicate the correct duration remaining.
    • Balance: Imprison was changed to read: "Enclose an enemy in a magical cage that blocks sight and attacks until end of their turn.
    • Balance: Changed Hurl a Squirrel, Armored Squirrels, Skeleton Warriors and Killer Bunnies so that these cards can still be cast even if there isn't enough room to summon all of them.
    • Balance: Reduced the cost of purchasing heroes from Inkadoo's House of Hopeless Heroes when encountered at early level in the game. (Now works similar to mercenaries for hire, with prices ranging from 300-500 gold).
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