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Ranking system
« on: January 06, 2018, 08:27:46 AM »
Adam has already shared on discord some interesting thoughts about deck ranking.

I vote to reinstate the elo-based player ranking for victories, as it was pretty effective with Hero Mages.

But seeing again today the post on "killer bunny", and thinking about all the fun races and spells (polymorph, time spells...) which will be available, I thought: why not add a "fun" ranking?
The idea is to rate after each game how much fun you had playing that opponent/deck. The result goes towards that opponent/deck "fun" ranking.

In a similar line of thought, we may want to add a ranking for tactical mastery. Again the opponent would be the judge of the other's ability to pull off a unique combo, take full advantage of terrain, etc, whatever the final outcome of the encounter was.

Some might go for tactical mastery, caring most about how the battle is fought. Some might think that all means are fair as long as Victory smiles to them. And some may just be all about having fun! Let's have something for everyone.

A few practical comments:
- When I talk about ranking each game, I really envision offering the ability to do so when the game closes. You don't want to have to tell most of the time that the game was average ("average" is most common by definition, right?), but you want to make it extra easy to highlight the remarquable moments.
- The games which led to the highest fun or tactical ratings could be automatically posted to a YouTube channel. This could be a good way to show off Summoners Fate's best moments!
- And if we're going down the game rating path, we could also offer specific markers, such as "Awesome comeback", "Epic failure", etc.

Comments, anyone?


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Re: Ranking system
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2018, 10:17:24 AM »

This sounds like an excellent idea! I think it would be pretty amazing to incentivize creativity and fun as an alternative to simply winning. This would certainly support those players that want to be creative and make interesting or unusual theme decks for the purpose of telling a story or winning in different ways.

Having a simple voting option at the end of match like you suggest seems like a good way to do this. I wonder if we could also have some automated help (perhaps monthly themes) that reward players who use cards associated with a creative theme for that month. For example "Skeleton", "Quadrupeds", etc.