Celestial Steampunk Timekeeper Rats & Celestial Magic

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Celestial Steampunk Timekeeper Rats & Celestial Magic
« on: January 15, 2018, 11:10:30 AM »
Within the moment of eternal chaos that precludes existence, the infinite possibilities give rise to consciousness and order. In this moment, celestial minds came into being and asked a crucial question that would result in the creation of the world: “Why are we here and what is our purpose?” Through contemplation of this question, they perpetuated the divine act of separating light and dark, collective soul and individuality, fear and hope. Their purpose: to attain everlasting contentment and love. Ever drawn back to the darkness of the Void through the innate existential balance, they devised a mechanism that would ensure their success: the dimension of time. Through the existence of time, individuality and meaningful narratives could take place, with the souls of trillions of individual beings acting as tiny mirrors, reflecting back upon one and other powerful emotions of life, love and discovery.

Celestial Magic is associated with divine order, light, love, spiritual energy and the dimension of time. This magical energy is drawn from celestial beings and the existential ether that shapes and forms the basis of reality. Celestial spells include powerful healing and protection abilities, light energy that can banish demons of the Void and repel the destructive forces of Chaos, and the ability to control time itself.

Celestial Steampunk Timekeeper Rats are an ancient race that was chosen by the celestials to safeguard and protect the secrets of time from those who would try and disrupt the divine order. The rats are a sophisticated and highly evolved race, good natured and lawful. They are small in stature, standing about three feet tall on average, wear fancy, multiple layers of clothing, and are equipped with clockwork relics that allow them to control and manipulate the fabric of time. They work exceptionally well together as a team.

From left to right, we have the Time Bombardier, a ranged unit that can throw "time bombs" that damage and slow enemy movement, the Time Keeper, a powerful Summoner with the power to cast Celestial Time Spells, and the Time Warrior, a cunning melee fighter with hyper speed and lightning reflexes.

Celestial Time Spells
Below are a selection of spells we have conceived of so far to go with the Celestial Steampunk Timekeeper Rat theme. Time manipulation mechanics such as these are one of many unique innovations we aim to bring to the tactics and CCG genres.
What do you think of these ideas and what kinds of time and celestial spells would you like to see in Summoners Fate?
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Re: Celestial Steampunk Timekeeper Rats & Celestial Magic
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2018, 12:09:46 PM »
Introducing the latest member of Timekeeper faction, our Steamclock Sentinel. When he's summoned, he travels back in time to the start of your opponents last turn to wreak havoc on the past and give you an advantage in the present.