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« on: May 20, 2018, 11:02:34 AM »
Classic, creepy and so so fun to play...let's meet the Skeleton race of Summoners Fate:

Skeleton Reaver
A lethal mix of skeleton & demon, the Reaver can deliver a devastating death blow with his morning star. His brittle old bones are easily turned to dust - luckily, he is protected by his massive shield. (In game powers: High damage, low life, Shield - Blocks the next attack)

Skeleton Warrior
He is the basic infantry of the skeleton army. Make no mistake, however - he is a formidable opponent who can use his shield to block incoming attacks. In greater numbers, Warriors can surround enemies in an unbreakable formation of shields and whittle their enemy down to the bones. (In game powers: Shield - Blocks the next attack)

A powerful wizard, she was doomed to a life of eternal war. The Necromancer harnesses the dark arts to summon Skeleton Warriors whenever she attacks. Quite quickly, the battlefield is filled with her undead minions storming her enemies.

Skeleton Breaker
Horrifying & dominating, the Skeleton Breaker is the elite guard of the skeleton army. He wields a massive two-handed cleaver that “breaks” the enemy, knocking them back & preventing counter attacks. He's unfeeling, unrelenting, and unforgettable on the battlefield.

Skeleton Archer
Using his steadfast bow that has joined him in the afterlife, the Skeleton Archer can terrorize his foes with his steady arrows & his uncanny presence. When defended by Warriors, the Archer uses his long, bony fingers to unleash an endless shower of arrows upon his enemies. (In game powers: Ranged Attack)

Liche King
Somewhere between Withered and Skeleton lies the summoner Liche King. His horrifying appearance is matched by his horrifying ability on the battlefield - with each damage he does to his opponent, he heals himself equally - literally sucking the life out of his enemies and getting stronger...

Skeleton Captain
Fearsome and cruel, he cackles with delight at the terror of his enemies on the battlefield, especially when he surprises them with a lunge attack using his trusty spear. When this skeletal leader is around, his allies are granted a stat boost. (In game powers: He can attack diagonally with his spear (Lunge) and has a Shield.)

We also have a few other members of the Skeleton race including the Dragon, Giant,  and the Hound:

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