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Any place is good, let's not be picky admins  ;)

Buzzrick had the same remarks a few weeks ago on Discord.
I agree with tlark's reply, though:

"Good day. I kind of like the limitation, if you have greater control over finishing direction, then there are less manouvering tactics. So it seems to complicate control for dubious gameplay benefit"

In my mind the current setup forces you into compromises, and that's good. You cannot get the perfect action+placement+facing. You have to make some sort of tradeoff.
One might see it as an unnecessary constraint. I see it as making the game quicker (because it's one less control to manage), and more interesting (as you leave openings that your opponent may use creatively to his avantage, thus contributing to unforseen developments).

We had debates on this during the initial design of the movement control system, and these were definitely two options on the table. I like the one Ross eventually chose.
I hope you will abound after seeing this rationale!

Take care


I didn't really thought about it like that, but presented this way, it sure makes sense !
Even though it felt a bit unnatural at first, it nicely separates the game from others of the genre in that you can't have too "perfect" moves that would indeed slow down the game. Nicely done !

Keep it up !


I'm just capturing here an idea that MCN_Mike (Megaferret777 on Discord) voiced during a Twitch stream.

For definitions and ranking logic please refer to this post:

Proposal: PvP would have an option to pitch you against one of your friends, instead of against a random player
Category: gameplay/type of user interaction
Ranking: I would propose 5. It's an additional feature, nice to have but not directly impacting the top development priorities.

Game design considerations
It has been suggested that Discord could be a place to find an opponent and directly launch a PvP from there. It could be an option to partially answer this request, maybe even fully (I don't know Discord's possibilities enough to be positive). But that would mean 1) the game becomes somewhat dependent on Discord if it's the only way to achieve this goal and 2) information passed to Discord in the process would have to be evaluated for its privacy implications.
Another approach is to use interaction with social media, but the other way around: build a bridge to your social media (Facebook, Discord, Twitch, etc) to retrieve your friends' information and hopefully match it up with Summoners Fate user IDs. The advantage is that it can be leveraged well beyond Discord only, and if no user ID match is found, it could be used to offer to send them an invite on behalf of the player.
Yet another way is to manage it completely autonomously within the game. This would work well in conjunction with a dialog box at the end of PvP game offering to add the player to your list of friends (in addition to the already requested "rematch" option).
The full-fledged version is of course all of the above, giving the player maximum flexibility, including mixing Summoners Fate-only friends with his/her other friends in a custom in-game list, that he can export to Discord to create his/her own direct message group (let's be wild!).



--- Quote from: Scribe on October 18, 2018, 02:55:13 PM ---Assisted Play: AI coaching
Game design considerations
- As previously discussed for the Undo button, the number of times you can use this feature could be directly proportional to the player's experience level. So this could be used even against a human player. The opponent would then se the actions unravel, then be canceled just as when the Undo button is played. This way the opponent would have something to watch while waiting!

- You could imagine different classes of characters having distinct dialog styles (the Barbarian likely having a rougher attitude than the well-behaved Time Keeper Rat).

- With inexperienced players the characters could offer their help spontaneously. Not sure what the right trigger would be, though.

--- End quote ---

Did you mean inversely proportional to their skill?

And Another Idea that this post gave me was AI in different forms.
Risky Safe Preferring some cards over others? Could this vary given the AI's units.
I'm not sure if this has been talked about and the conclusion.
It would probably be given a 5 in priority as it isn't an overly important item.


--- Quote from: BlackHorse on January 23, 2019, 10:14:56 PM ---
Did you mean inversely proportional to their skill?

--- End quote ---

Good catch, BlackHorse!
I edited the post to avoid any confusion.



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