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I'm opening a new thread for submitting ideas of cool abilities for our characters.
Keep in mind that these could also be used to create "grant ability X" kind of spells.

Here's my first one, to get things started.

Description: Avoids the first attack of the turn coming from a visible enemy by a reflex move to left or right, if one of those two spaces is empty (or as a second choice occupied by something which can be collided with).
Comments: Whoever has this ability CANNOT prevent it from happening, even if detrimental. For instance this move can trigger an automatic attack from an enemy (combo), make the character collide with spikes, fall into a trap, etc. This balances a bit the tremendous advantage of the ability always being turned on.
Proposed character: a ninja, for instance?
Game design considerations: Should the direction of move be considered a surprise, therefore preventing the undo function (maybe too much of an additional advantage for the defender)? Should the character move diagonally if so oriented (which would be very unique and could cause new issues)?

Please comment, and propose your own ideas!

Could some of the Elementals have an Ability called something like "Frozen" for the Ice Elemental
Is turned into a Wall for a random small number of rounds. This would mean that it would be untouchable for that period


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