Summoners Fate - Prerelease FAQ

What is the Summoners Fate Prerelease?

Our prerelease is an opportunity to purchase and play the game before its official release and play a critical role shaping its development through direct interactions with the developer, me, Ross!

Why should I buy the game now versus waiting for full release?

One of the most unique aspects of Summoners Fate is my pillar of “community driven design”. What this means is that player feedback is at the heart of how I work and why I develop this game. Players of my first game, Hero Mages, took part in the early design phase, making key contributions to the playability and creative aspects of the game, including the game’s distinctive squirrel-themed cards. Since then, Kelly and I have involved you throughout our development journey on social media, Kickstarter, our forums and our Discord. And recently, I’ve been streaming the development weekly on Twitch where I’ve created player-inspired cards live while you work with me.

Buying the game in prerelease means you have a chance to shape its development and be an integral part of helping to create an exceptional community and game experience. Prerelease sales also helps me continue funding development and deliver the high-caliber quality you’ve come to expect from the games I create for you.

Why the $29.99 price point?

I speak sincerely and from the heart when I say you’ll be getting an exceptional experience easily worth multiple times more than our price point. Player satisfaction is my top commitment as a developer. I looked closely at our competitors and was dismayed to learn an average F2P CCG player might spend $400/year on cards, many of which aren’t even the ones they want. I don’t do that. Summoners Fate will include the entire launch cardset with the game and each of our cards has value and is super fun to play. If you’ve participated in our Discord or Twitch, you already know this. I don’t design “filler” content. We don’t have rares and commons to manipulate your spending habits. You’ll never dust cards because you bought something you didn’t want. Summoners Fate is a game developed from the heart and this shines through when you’re playing it. It’s not just a game you’re getting, either. You get to be part of a fantastic, welcoming community of like-minded players. You get to participate in live discussions with me on Discord and my weekly Twitch stream. You have a voice that is heard and recognized. You get to be a part of building something great and share in the joy of all those who hear and validate your ideas and see them come to life in my work.

Prerelease Now Available! $29.99

Play on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

Is the prerelease available on Steam, Discord or other third-party stores?

We have plans to distribute via third party stores (Steam, Discord, etc.) in the springtime when we have completed the single player features and the game is ready for mass audience. The prerelease offered on our website is not Steam “Early Access” nor does the purchase of the prerelease come with any third-party distributor entitlements (ex: access to game via Steam). Upon purchase, you’ll be able download the build on your desired operating platforms (Windows and/or Mac) and use the one-time-use registration key to activate the full release game entitlements on all platforms. When the game launches on mobile, it will be a free-download and offer DLC purchases to unlock the premium content that’s already included with your prerelease purchase. You’ll be able to access this content when you login with your account from any platform. Like the desktop version, the mobile builds are still in development and currently require access to our testing programs (Test Flight and Google Play Closed Alpha Testing) to access. Invitations to participate in these programs are available now to all prerelease players.

How many cards are included in the prerelease?

Currently, there are over 200+ of the 400+ cards planned for launch implemented within the game. During the prerelease, all cards are unlocked for testing purposes. When the single player is ready, I will reset the card access to follow the intended gameplay flow of completing the adventures to unlock the cards for your deck. When this happens, Kickstarter backers who purchased card bundles will receive access to the cards and exclusives included in their reward tiers.

I supported the Kickstarter when Summoners Fate was presented as F2P, how does this change affect my rewards?

I put a lot of thought and consideration into my decision to change from a F2P to a premium business model. As I’ve communicated before, I couldn’t reconcile the design values of the game (outlined above) with a business model that’s dependent on an extrinsic-reward-motivated core loop. I believe this change creates both a better game and a far better value for our players. I will do my best to ensure everyone who supported us is satisfied with the project and their rewards. Anyone that backed us at the Orc Battle Barrel tier or higher is entitled to a prerelease key, so please reach out to me if you haven’t yet received one. I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

I missed the Summoners Fate Kickstarter and want to support development, is there anyway I can still contribute and get access to the exclusive rewards?

Several members of our community have expressed regret that they missed the chance to participate in our Kickstarter and would love to support development and gain access to some of the very exclusive rewards (such as having a character designed in their likeness). I’m honored by this request, and to give you this opportunity, I have added options to purchase our Kickstarter reward tiers below:

Reward Tier

NOTE: Golden Dragon is excluded because it is specifically defined as a Kickstarter-only exclusive.