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What's currently included with prerelease?

  • Play the game before its official release
  • Take part in shaping its development
  • Construct custom decks with 200+ cards
  • Battle real-time with other players and AI
  • Access full retail game when it launches
  • Coming Soon

  • Ever-changing Singleplayer Adventures
  • Async & Desync Modes
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Sequel to the original tactical card game Hero Mages

Summoners Fate

Your wits and weirdness are your weapons... Hurl a squirrel at an orc and transform it into an army of mutant hulk squirrels. Gravity blast your foes across the map and mind control them to serve you. Time travel and wreak havoc with steampunk rats.

Summoners Fate is a game that uniquely combines turn-based tactical combat with deck building strategy and open world exploration. Determine the destiny of hundreds of diverse characters by choosing cards as you go on ever-changing single player adventures. Battle other players on desktop and mobile in async and real-time cross-platform multiplayer.


Top-Down Perspective

Yes, master? Tops of heads are boring. Your team will look up at you in anticipation to receive your orders. Don’t worry, their necks are fine.

Creative Deck Building

Choose familiar or original characters like skeletons, orcs and streampunk timetraveling rats! Over 400 cards and each has value. No commons to dust here.

Ever-Changing Adventure

Explore randomly generated singleplayer dungeons with hundreds of unique encounters. Your heroes and cards carry over each battle. Plan carefully.

Community Driven Design

How did we come up with our totally original card ideas? We asked YOU! Chat directly with creator Ross Przybylski on Twitch and Discord.

Cross-Platform Multiplayer

You deserve versatility from your game. Pay once, play anywhere on PC, Mac, Android and iOS with real-time, async and offline multiplayer modes.

Accessible Strategic Depth

Execute gratifying combos with intuitive drag and drop gestures. Your position, facing and environment matter in ways never before seen in a tactical RPG.

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