Press Kit: Summoners Fate

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D20Studios, LLC in SLC, UT


iOS, Android, PC and Mac

Kickstarter Funded On

November 17th 2017

Private Early Access Release

June 1st, 2018

Steam Early Access Release

June 20 2022




Download our logos, screenshots and additional media here.

Game Description

Summoners Fate is a roguelike adventure that fuses traditional turn-based combat with tactical card combat. Guide your summoners through perilous quests in the Multiverse in search of hidden secrets, powerful cards, and mutated rabbits.

About D20Studios

Founded in 2009 by Ross Przybylski, D20Studios is a game development company focused on building intrinsically satisfying, accessible games with depth. We value community driven development, quality products and excellent customer service. We strongly believe in the power of collaboration and aim to inspire greatness in ourselves and others by sharing our knowledge and experiences with the game industry at large, whether in person, via blogs, or on our Youtube Channel Game Dev Chats

Our team, from left to right:

Kelly Przybylski

Marketing and Creative

Ross Przybylski

Game Design and Development

Peter Jones

Art and Animation