Release Notes v0.30.1

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Release Notes v0.30.1
« on: February 26, 2019, 12:44:44 PM »
    Release Notes
    Latest Release: v0.31.6
    Date Released: 3/27/2019

    Hello players,

    Thanks so much for continuing to provide valuable feedback in our Discord, Forums and in-game bug reporting tool. I've done my best to address the majority of your feedback in this release so that you can enjoy a stable and balanced build while I push forward to develop our ever-changing single player adventure for future release. Below are detailed release notes on all of the changes made in this build as well as past build releases.

    Changes in v0.31.6
    Released: March 27, 2019
    New Cards Available
    • Orc Shaman
    • Mummy's Curse
    Game Changes
    • Changed Off Sides so it can no longer target Summoners. This was making it too easy to create game-ending combos that players impossible to defend against. The spell can however target ANY minion (not just visible) so it works more similar to Teleport.
    • Changed Skeleton Hound's starting stats from 2/3 to 1/1
    • Increased Soul Harvester's life from 5 -> 6
    • Fixed bug where removing debuffs on a unit would also restore their command action for that turn.

    Changes in v0.31.5
    Released: March 20, 2019
    • Fixed bug where attacking with Red Imp would prevent casting of spells.
    • Fixed the range of Lightning Elementals attack to 3 spaces.

    Changes in v0.31.4
    Released: March 20, 2019
    New Cards Available
    • Dragon Hatcher
    • Dragon Whelp
    • Shadow
    • Preserver
    • Death Blossoms
    • Prison of Brambles
    Game Changes
    • Increased cost of Swarm from 3 -> 4
    • Decreased cost of Your Soul is Mine from 4 -> 3
    • Increased Life of Scorpion from 4 -> 6
    • Changed Spore pod from Damage 1, Poison 1 to Poison (2). This means spore pods will no longer cascade explode each other.
    • Buffed Maltross (he needed it)

    Changes in v0.31.3
    Released: March 13, 2019
    New Cards Available
    • Dark Elf Sorcerer
    • Your Soul is Mine
    • Antarus, Battle Mage
    • Celestial Barrier
    Game Changes
    • Changed Cleansing Fire and Rust spells so that they can target any unit (instead of visible) so that they can be used to reveal Stealth.
    • Make it so card ALWAYS reveal on end turn. This fixed bug where players could reveal Wizard cards on opponent turn, breaking multiplayer matches.
    • Make it so that Necromancer cannot attack placables to summon skeletons.
    • Balanced starting spawn location on multiplayer maps to mitigate unfair first turn advantages such as dropping a taunt unit in the pocket of opponents entire team.
    • Added additional power to Rugged Mage allowing him to deal damage equal to his power when using his Farshot ability.
    • When Transfer consciousness is used on Red Imp, the player loses summoner. We need to make it so that isHero status transfers with red imp swap. Also fixed weird animation with Red Imp swap ability.

    Changes in v0.31.2
    Released: March 6, 2019
    New Cards Available
    • Priestess
    • Reinmund, Wizard
    Balance Changes
    • Added Vigil ability to Kailyn
    • Switft Strike now only triggers when adjacent unit attacks (so that it's not wasted when units out of range attack).
    • Changing the starting spawn locations of several maps to provide a minimum safe distance from first turn grappling.
    • Offsides spell now requires line of sight.
    • Psychic Blast can now target enemy summoners for damage.
    • Reduced the range of Grapple spell to 3 to.

    Changes in v0.31.1
    Released: February 27, 2019
    New Cards Available
    • Clik'Clik, Impaler
    • Sibylla, Conjurer
    • Rugged Mage
    • D'Orc Slayer, Orc Chief
    • Serpenta Deceiver
    • Kailyn, Valkyrie Mage

    Also added back the "Combo!" SFX/VFX that was missing with v0.30.1 update. See below for major change list.

    Changes in v0.30.1
    Released: February 26, 2019

    New Cards Available
    • Marauder Metalist
    • Chimera
    • Demolish
    • Skeleton Hound
    • Swift Strike
    • Vigilant
    • Weaken
    • Lightning Elemental
    • Poison Blade
    • Orc Battlehorn
    • Plague
    • Orc Huntress
    • Revealing Light
    AI Fixes
    • Fixed bug where AI turn would freeze and generate the timeout error when it tried to move and cast a spell next to a taunt unit. (#502)
    • Fixed bug where AI would generate a timeout error on the first tutorial mission on older iOS devices. This was due to card rasterization consuming all the resources in backworker. I added timed breaks between card rasterization so that the AI can take priority of the backworker resources. (#520)
    • Fixed bug where selecting a unit card while AI is processing their turn and defeats the player would result in the game becoming locked in the paused state. (#523)
    Balance Changes
    • After triggering a combo attack, units may not move/attack/use support ability for remainder of turn. This change was made to reduce chances of a first-turn victory where opponent is unable to react.
    • Backstab abilities will no longer trigger from combo attacks, you must explicitly order the unit to backstab.
    • Freeze now removes Stealth.
    • Mana Burn - Increased the damage dealt to caster from 6 -> 8. This spell is incredibly powerful for the advantage it offers, so I think it warrants a greater risk being used.
    • Changed how Arch-Mage's draw card ability works to address player concern regarding the "scry" ability that can be exploited using the undo feature. Now, when he draws cards, they are drawn face down. While cards are face down, Arch Mage can undo his previous action like normal. But, once you click on the card to reveal it, the "cannot undo" (replay only) action is activated and you can no longer undo past that point. Cards will also reveal automatically when the turn ends and the discount wears off.
    • Taunt units no longer pin enemies if they cannot attack or cannot be attacked. This means you can now freeze a taunt unit to escape its pin. Players will see the taunt VFX remove when Taunt is inactive for that unit under these conditions.
    • Increased the damage of Blizzard and Ice Shards form 2 -> 3.
    • Changed Disintegrate from Deal 10 Fire damage to -> Deal 10 Fire damage with Pierce to target enemy and prevent Downfall.
    • Spike blocks now trigger Collide when pushed to surrounding space rather than just adjacent (so spear knockbacks from an angle impact can trigger damage).
    • Changed Animal Overrun from +2/+2 and Lunge until start of next turn to “end of turn”. The spell is intended as offensive, not defensive, and with the prior version change to eliminated buffs not reducing life, this spell was gaining too much defensive capability.
    • Changed Animal Growth from mutating only rodents to "Give ally animal +3/+3. If its small, mutate it." The following animals are now considered small: Squirrel, Killer Bunny, Snake, Fennec Fox and Red Starling. Yes, this means you can now create snake mutants (among others).
    • Changed Breed! from creating copies of only rodents to "Copy all small animals." to provide even more creative possibilities for synergies with animals.
    Gameplay Fixes
    • Fixed bug where casting Dark Temptation on an already armored unit would result in their armor being removed and the new armor not showing visually on character.
    • Added support for OTA DLC content updates. This will allow Ross to distribute new cards during his weekly Twitch development stream.
    • Rust will no longer target characters with surprises nor remove surprises
    • Fixed bug where Cleanse could not be cast even when status effects are on the board. Also, Cleanse will no longer reveal locations of status effects being removed. Previously, the targeting of Cleanse would reveal locations of all targets with status effects which would allow player to determine location of hidden surprises.
    • Fixed bug where equipping a unit with an identical instance of a weapon (ex: a second Orc Warhammer) would result in its effects being stacked rather than replaced.
    • Fixed bug where Cleric could remove the armor granted by Dark Temptation.
    • Fixed bug where a unit would be assigned incorrect team, making it so you could target your own ally for attacks if they had Dark Temptation on them removed before it's control effect took place.
    • Fixed bug where Fennic fox could attack a diagonal enemy after swapping with an ally.
    • Fixed Gravity Well so it doesn’t pull units standing on the target space. This fixes bug where collide effects (such as standing adjacent to a spiked wall) could trigger on a unit standing on the gravity well target space.
    • Fixed bug where shadows were not appearing on quadrupeds, bugs, and snakes in the camp and on animated cards in the deck builder and collection.
    • Changed description of keyword "Block" to "Stop next physical attack from front or sides." to help clarify that side attacks are also blocked.
    • Warcry ability was changed to read: Triggers effect when entering battle.
    • Rally (X) keyword added as: Triggers effect when (X) enters battle.
    • Fixed bug where on screen items might not scale to fit a single atlas and result in unnecessary draw calls and performance drops.
    • Cleansing Fire can no longer detect surprises on units (it will be target units that only have surprise status effects). However, it will remove surprise status effects on units it is cast on.
    • Fixed bug where stacking a Life debug on a unit would result in the unit taking damage and (on armored units) this would cause the damage to be taken to armor instead of life, resulting in a life remaining that overflows the life bar available.
    • Fixed bug on Android when phone screen goes off due to inactivity and then is turned back on again, the game's sound levels restore to default despite the sliders being in the same position player put them in. (#529)
    • Fixed bug where an extra impact SFX played after a shield carrying unit blocked a combo attack.
    • Fixed bug where shield unit would play its impact animation before an arrow fired at it actually hit.
    • Fixed bug where sticky stats do not show on units that are newly summoned. (#537)
    • Animation System Upgrade: Made a special adaptation to the animation system to create more seamless animations when possible for multiple combined effects. For example, when multiple units collide into spikes or multiple units are poisoned, the animations will now occur together (if possible) rather than waiting for each animation to finish separately. Animations will group together when they come from an identical action as part of an uninterrupted sequence. If another action triggers (for example, as result of taking poison damage), the animation group will break apart at that point and show the animations to resolve that event tree before resuming the poison animations for the other units within that group. Note that the animation group will also break apart if the same action type targets an individual unit in more than one separate action so that each of the effects (ex: taking damage) are clearly shown as separate steps.
    • Fixed bug where you could not knockback or pull units through gateways.
    • Fixed bug where terrain obstacles were not getting colored or scaled properly when viewing their card.
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