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« on: January 15, 2018, 11:30:23 AM »
The Reptis are a race of humanoid reptilian creatures native to the lush jungles that populate the lands of Summoners Fate. Their ranks consist of tall, Iguanidae/croc/dino lizard like hominids, smaller frilled lizard bipeds, and half humanoid, half serpentine creatures. I need help coming up with better names for the race and various as well as abilities. Feedback welcome!

Here are some of the abilities we are currently tossing around for the various sub-classes.

Reptis Warrior Abilities

Resilience - Their thick scales provide natural protection, enabling them to ignore a percentage of damage they would normally receive from incoming attacks.

Chomp Attack - In addition to their regular weapon attack, warriors can use their massive jaws for a bonus attack. We’re debating whether this makes sense to use in response to a counter attack (a vengeance attack) or whether it triggers after their regular attack if the targeted unit doesn’t counter attack (more like an attack of opportunity). Let us know which idea you like best.

Tail Spin Attack - Some players have suggested the lizards might use their tails as a weapon by spinning and whipping them in conjunction with their weapon, allowing them to target all surrounding enemies. We think a power like this might be fitting for the more powerful champion unit, who also has a spike on his tail.

Frilled Lizard Abilities

Shield + Javelins - Since their javelin can be thrown with a single hand, the frilled lizards have a huge advantage over archers as they can deflect incoming return fire and melee attacks.

Camouflage - Frilled lizards can blend in with surrounding fauna, enabling them an opportunity to position themselves for surprise attacks.

Poison - Champions will have poison tipped javelins and we’re also thinking they may grant this ability to friendly lizards to greatly increase their strategic value. Poison causes units to lose life at the start of their turn - and it stacks! This means the more you get hit by poison, the faster it works to end you.

Snakepeople Abilities

First Strike - Since snakes in nature are known for incredibly fast reflexes, we like the idea of allowing snake people to kill an enemy before they can counter attack. Normally, units get to counter attack unless they are “overkilled”, but victims of the snake attack would not get counter attack if their victim's life is reduced to 0.

Heat Senses - Snakes have ability to detect heat and we’re thinking this might translate in game to detecting hidden units as well as certain traps.